Welcome to your comprehensive guide on establishing a new Gist workspace tailored for exceptional customer support. This guide is designed to assist you in setting up your workspace efficiently and effectively, enabling you to provide world-class customer support. Let's dive in!

Level 1 - Set up your workspace

1. Install the Messenger (15 minutes)

The Gist Messenger connects you with your users in real-time. It allows users to initiate conversations with your team or access self-help options through Messenger apps.

You'll need:

  • Access to your codebase for adding the JavaScript snippet.
  • Your Messenger installation code.

Install Gist on your website or product

2. Forward support emails (10 minutes)

Centralize all incoming queries by forwarding emails to the Gist Help Desk.

You'll need:

Forward your emails to Gist team inbox

3. Connect social media accounts (5 minutes)

Integrate your social media accounts with Gist to manage direct messages via the Help Desk.

You'll need:

  • Login details for your Facebook accounts.

Connect your Facebook page with your Gist team inbox

4. Invite teammates (2+ minutes)

Collaborate effectively by inviting your team to the Gist workspace.

You'll need:

  • Email addresses of your teammates.

Invite your teammates

5. Customize Messenger appearance (5+ minutes)

Align the Messenger's look with your brand's visual identity for a seamless customer experience.

You'll need:

  • Brand color codes.
  • Business logo.

Customize the Gist Messenger to match your brand

6. Set up office hours (2 minutes)

Manage customer expectations by setting up your team's availability.

You'll need:

  • Knowledge of your team's availability.

Let your visitors know when you’re out of office

7. Set default and supported languages (5 minutes)

Ensure the Messenger communicates in the languages your customers are most comfortable with.

You'll need:

  • Knowledge of your customer base's language preferences.

Configure your Messenger to work with multiple languages

8. Create team inboxes (2+ minutes)

Establish dedicated inboxes for different teams to streamline conversation routing.

You'll need:

  • None.

Create separate team inboxes

9. Create assignment rules (5+ minutes)

Automate the routing of conversations to appropriate teams based on content or tracked data.

You'll need:

  • Predefined teams or teammates in Gist.

Automate your Inbox workflows with rules

10. Import user data (10+ minutes)

Integrate existing user data into Gist for immediate communication capabilities.

You'll need:

  • A CSV file of user data or access to Mixpanel or Mailchimp.

Import your contacts and their data

Level 2 - Building on the Basics

1. Track custom user data (15+ minutes)

Personalize support by tracking relevant business data.

You'll need:

  • Access to your codebase to update JavaScript snippet.
  • Gist installed in your product.
  • Data you wish to track.

Send logged-in user data from your database or third-party tool

2. Add apps to Messenger (2+ minutes)

Enhance your Messenger with apps to enable users to find solutions before starting a conversation.

You'll need:

  • None.

Promote your content to customers using Messenger apps

3. Add apps to Inbox (2+ minutes)

Customize your Help Desk by integrating tools for more efficient conversation resolution.

You'll need:

  • None

Add apps to your Inbox for enriched conversation context

4. Secure your Messenger (5 minutes)

Protect your Messenger from unauthorized access and impersonation.

You'll need:

  • List of your trusted company domains.
  • Access to your codebase to update JavaScript snippet.

Set up identity verification and protect your user data

Congratulations on setting up your Gist workspace! You are now equipped to provide exceptional, scalable support to your customers. Remember, the journey doesn’t end here; continue exploring and customizing Gist features to enhance your customer support experience further.