Important: Ongoing email messages are emails that you can send to your leads and users automatically. Ongoing email messages are different from ongoing chat messages, which can also be triggered automatically on your website, or inside your app.

Using Gist, you can send ongoing email messages to users who belong to a segment. Ongoing email messages are emails that are automatically sent by Gist to users who belong to specific segments or match the rules and filters that you set up.

Ongoing email messages are behavior-driven emails that will be sent automatically to users, based on what they do on your website, or based on user properties that you define.

Since Gist auto tracks user events on your website, you can create customized email messages and send them to specific user segments based on what pages they view, what links they click, what forms they submit, or what user properties they update, and so on.

Ongoing email messages can be used to send lifecycle marketing emails, onboarding emails, or any other type of automatic emails that you would like to trigger based on user actions.

Ongoing email messages are different from one-off email messages, and campaigns. If you wish to send a manual email blast to your subscribers, you can use one-off email messages instead. If you wish to send a drip sequence to your users, you can use campaigns instead.

An ongoing email message is sent to a user when you create it and set it live. This email message needs to be created just once, and Gist constantly checks for the filters and rules you created and sends the message to every user that matches them.

Ongoing email messages are also sent to a user only once, and will not repeat again unless the user matches the same rules again in the future.

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can set up ongoing email messages on Gist.

Why are ongoing email messages useful?

Ongoing email messages can be used to send targeted email messages when a user logs in to your product or on your website and does very specific actions that are important to your business.

They are like system generated autoresponders that are sent to your users when they perform certain actions. But the difference is that ongoing email messages can be highly targeted and customized, and connect with your users on a much deeper level.

Ongoing email messages can also be scheduled to be sent either instantly, or at a particular time. You can set a goal for the message, preview it before sending, and also choose a deadline after which the ongoing email message will stop sending automatically.

Ongoing email messages examples and use cases

Here are a few examples and use cases to help you figure out how and when to use ongoing email messages for your product or business.

Welcome Email

New users who just sign up for your website or platform would appreciate a warm welcome from you. Welcome emails are great to start conversations with your newest users and understand what they like about your product, and why they chose to sign up.

The welcome email is the first piece of communication that you have with your customer, so it is important that you make it feel real and personal. With Gist, you can use liquid tags to customize the email based on your customer’s name, and also create separate emails for people on different plans, or different countries, interests, etc.

Lifecycle Email

Lifecycle emails can be used to improve your user experience as your customers interact with your product. They help your customers achieve success in every step of their journey. By sending product-centric emails based on user actions inside your product, you can create a tailor-made, personal experience for every customer, and make your product ‘sticky’ so that users keep using it frequently and turn into long-term customers

Feedback Email

Your active users are the best people who can give you direct feedback on how your new feature or product is, and what improvements can be made to it. If you just launched something new - a course, a product, a feature, a service - you can set up Gist to automatically send an email to anyone who tries what you just launched, and asks them for feedback.

Feedback emails are a great way to have productive conversations with your most active customers, and also build a great relationship with them, because when you ask them for their feedback on new features or products, it tells them that you really value their opinion.

Retention Email

If you want your business to keep growing, it is important that you not only acquire new customers but also retain customers who are slipping away from you. You can use Gist to automatically send an email to anyone who has not logged in a week, or a month, or if someone isn’t checking out your product as frequently as they should.

Retention emails are great for reaching out to people who are on the fence about continuing your product, and you can use this as an opportunity to let them know what they’re missing out on.

Upgrade Email

You can also use ongoing email messages to gently nudge free users to upgrade to a paid plan when they try a ‘paid only’ feature on your site, by letting them know how that new feature is going to benefit them, and what they will lose out on, by not having access to it.

All ongoing email messages are sent by Gist automatically, so not only they are very targeted and look as though they are personalized for each user, but they also take a lot of load off of you because you only create them once and Gist will send them for you for as long as the behavioral email is live.

Ongoing email messages are a great way to automate your customer lifecycle emails and give your users a great user experience from the day they sign up for your product. 

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