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Setting up your Knowledge Base

The Gist Knowledge Base provides your leads and customers with easy and fast access to answers about your products and services and allowing them to find recommended solutions to frequently asked questions. With Gist, you can manage your...

By Jitta

Updated 11 days ago

How do I turn on Live Chat in My Knowledge Base?

Want the option to have a Live Chat with your customers when they are on your Knowledge Base?With Gist, it's possible and easy to do!Enable Live Chat on your Knowledge Base1. Go to "Basic Settings", found under the  "Knowledge Base" heading in...

By Jamie C.

Updated about 18 hours ago

How Do I Add Social Media and Footer Links to My Knowledge Base?

A great way to keep your branding consistent on your Knowledge Base to use the "links" feature. This allows you to include your social media links and other links that are important to your business on every page of your Knowledge Base in the...

By Jamie C.

Updated about 20 hours ago

How Do I Turn My Knowledge Base Off?

Do you need to take your Knowledge Base offline for a few moments, or maybe for a while?With Gist you can "Turn Off' your knowledge base in the toggle of a switch! You will still be able to edit and organize your Knowledge Base. You will still be...

By Jamie C.

Updated about 2 months ago

How Do I Organize Collections and Articles?

Organizing your Gist Knowledge Base is "Drag and Drop" easy! Need to reorganize your Collections? It's "Drag and Drop" easy! Need to reorganize your Articles? It's "Drag and Drop" easy! How to Organize (and Reorganize) Collections and...

By Jamie C.

Updated 11 days ago

Knowledge Base Overview

The New Gist Knowledge Base allows you to teach, answer questions and share tips with your customers. In this quick overview, we'll navigate through the main settings of the Knowledge Base and touch on a few of the powerful features.Creating a new...

By Jamie C.

Updated 22 days ago