Use anchor links to help your visitors navigate to a specific section of your help content without scrolling.

  • In your Gist workspace, navigate to knowledge base section.
  • Hover over the knowledge base article where you want to add an anchor, then click Edit.
  • On the rich text toolbar, click the code view icon. It looks like this: </>
  • Scroll down to the section of the article, where you want your link to jump to.
  • Add an ID to the element, as shown (example: id="order-delivery-process" ). ID must begin with a letter and may only contain letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores, colons and periods. If you want to use more than one word for your ID, separate each word with dashes (-).
  • Next, create the link that sends the visitor to the section of the page where the anchor was inserted.
  • Highlight the text you want to hyperlink in the article body. 
  • In the rich text toolbar, click the link icon.
    • If the anchor you're linking to is on the same page as your link, enter the # symbol followed by the ID of the anchor in the URL field. In the example above, #order-delivery-process is entered in the URL field.
    • If the anchor you are linking to is on a different page as the link, include the full URL of the page followed by the hashtag symbol # followed by the ID of the anchor. For example,
  • Click Insert
  • If a visitor clicks this anchor link, they'll be redirected to the section of the article where the ID was placed.

Sample code:

For example, you want to create direct links to two parts of a lengthy help article. You'd need to add IDs to both the sections this way:

<p id="part-one">I am part one</p>
<p id="part-two">I am part two</p>

Once done, you can add the URL in links of another articles' content:

<a href="">Link to part one</a>
<a href="">Link to part two</a>

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