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By Jitta Rao

updated 28 days ago

Email is still the most important channel that businesses use to reach out to their potential customers. You can communicate with your customers via email, to send sales emails, to ask for feedback, to inform them of new products and updates, or just to keep in touch. 

Using Gist, you can send three types of emails to your users - behavioral emails, broadcast emails, and drip sequences . While they may all be emails that you send to your users, 

How behavioral emails work

Using Gist, you can send behavioral emails to users who belong to a segment. Behavioral emails are automatically sent by Gist to users who match the rules or filters that you set up.

Behavioral emails can be useful for user onboarding, lifecycle marketing, or to get feedback from your users. They are only sent once to a user, and not again. If you wish to send a series of emails to your users, you can use drip campaigns instead.

A behavioral email is sent to a user when you create it and set it live. Gist checks for the filters and sends the message to every user that matches the rules.

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can set up behavioral emails on Gist.

How broadcast messages work

Using Gist, you can send one-off email messages to your users based on their behavior or based on a predetermined set of rules. These are called broadcast messages.

Broadcast messages can be sent to specific users, as well as to a user segment.

You can read our detailed guide on creating broadcast messages on Gist.

How are broadcast messages different?

Broadcast messages are not the same as behavioral emails. While behavioral emails are sent automatically by Gist when a user matches the filters, broadcast messages are sent by you manually.

You can use broadcast emails to send email newsletters, or product announcements, to notify subscribers of a new post on your blog, etc.

How drip campaigns work

Using Gist, you can send an email course or user onboarding sequence to educate your customers about your product. Such email sequences are called drip campaigns. Drip campaigns are sent as a series of emails, each email sent usually on different days to avoid spamming your subscribers. 

You can control how many emails you'd like to send in a drip campaign and can change the order of emails or the frequency of emails as you want. Gist can send an email campaign to one or more user segments, and you can run an unlimited number of drip campaigns simultaneously.

Please note that campaigns may have a maximum of up to 20 minutes delay to send out the first or any email in the campaign.

Read our guide on how to set up drip campaigns on Gist.

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