Add, restrict and remove a teammate

Having more teammates on Gist helps you manage your sales, marketing, and customer communication efforts better and helps your entire team send out a uniform message to your website visitors and customers.

To add, restrict access or remove a teammate on Gist, navigate to the Settings > General > Teammates page.

Note: You must be logged into the Workspace Owner's account to add, restrict or remove teammates.

Add teammates

To add a new teammate, click the 'Invite User' button and in the text box, enter the teammate's email address, select the appropriate permissions you would like to give them, and then click on ‘Send Invite.’

  1. In your Gist workspace, click the Settings option in the main navigation bar.
  2. In the left sidebar menu, navigate to General > Teammates.
  3. In the upper right, click Invite User.
  4. Enter the email address into the Email address field.
  5. Then click Send Invite.

Your teammate will receive an invitation email to the address you entered, so they can sign up on Gist and access your workspace instantly.

If the new teammate doesn't receive the invitation email within five minutes, ask them to check their Junk/SPAM folder. If the email doesn't appear there, the teammate can create an account, and gain access to your workspace.

Restrict access to teammates

To restrict a teammate's access to the workspace and optionally hide them from the Messenger, use the 'Workspace Access,' 'Support Access' and 'Appear in Messenger' options to control the respective access.

  • Workspace Access - control a teammate's access to your workspace.
  • Support Access - control a teammate's access to Gist support features such as Inbox, Knowledge Base product - to collaborate and respond to customer support queries.
  • Appear in Messenger - control a teammate's visibility in Messenger.

Note that the number of teammates you can have active Support Access depends on the plan you're on.

Remove teammates

To remove a teammate, click the ‘Delete’ button next to the teammate you wish to remove.

When a teammate is removed, Gist will set all conversations assigned to the removed teammate as "Unassigned." All previous conversation history, including internal notes left by the removed teammate, is preserved and viewable by other teammates.

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