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Broadcast emails are one-off email blasts that are sent out to a predetermined segment of users, at a time of your choosing. You can use broadcast emails to send email newsletters, or product announcements, to notify subscribers of a new post on your blog, etc. 

Using Gist, you can create a targeted rich message campaign in minutes, without having to worry about coding or designing templates.

Broadcast messages can be sent to specific users, as well as to a user segment.

To start a new email campaign, log in to your Gist account, and take the following steps.

Step 1: Click on ‘Emails’ on the taskbar, select ‘Broadcasts’ and click ‘New Broadcast Email’

Step 2: Give the broadcast an internal name, and select the segment which you would like to target your campaign at.

If you have an existing email campaign, you can move this email to the campaign if you like, by clicking on the ‘Move to’ button and choosing the appropriate campaign.

Choose the audience segment that should receive your email.

If you do not have an existing segment of users that you want, you can create a new segment using the ‘Add Rule’ option. You can add multiple rules at the same time and can narrow down to desired segment of users.

Just like in the case of campaigns, once you finalize your segment, any future users or subscribers matching those rules will also receive your email automatically.

Once your segment is finalized, you can see a sample list of users who will receive your email.

Step 3: Compose your email and choose the email format

Start writing your email. You will be able to preview your email live , on the right side of the screen. Once you finish writing the email, you can send a test mail to an email of your choice.

Step 4: Choose a goal for your email and schedule it

Although this step is optional, it is recommended that you choose a goal for your campaign so you can measure success and make necessary changes to your campaign in the future.

Also, it is recommended that you schedule your email to be sent when most of your target audience will be online so that your email stays on top of their inboxes.

Note that Gist follows UTC standard time, so make sure you check the difference in time zones before you finalize the campaign. 

Step 5: Save the email and send it away

Once you are ready, click 'Save' if you decided to schedule your broadcast for later.

If you want to send the broadcast right away, save it first, and then click the ‘Send it Now’ button. Do NOT click the 'Send it Now' button if you scheduled the email for later.

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