Introduction to Gist Forms


By Jitta Rao

updated 5 months ago

Forms by Gist are the best way to grow your email list quickly and gain your business or blog a large number followers without a lot of effort. With forms, Gist will help you increase your visitor to lead conversions and also build your presence on the web.

Asa lead generation platform, forms play an important role in increasing the bottom of your funnel. Gist's forms are also automatically integrated with Gist's CRM, or the 'People' page, where you can find all your customer information, activity, and communication history, together in one place. 

You can add a form to your website and start sending all your new leads directly to your Gist account. You can also use Gist's robust automation platform to tightly integrate forms and your email marketing in just a few steps.

There are six types of forms that you can add to your website - lightbox, hellobar, bumper, notification, fullpage takeover, and welcome mat.

Each form type has a different use case, and you can use one or more of them for your website depending on what you want to show on which page.

Lightbox - Reduce visitor abandonment with attention-grabbing offers and call to actions.

Hellobar - Display a message at the top of your website all the time and drive traffic to a specific call to action.

Bumper - Instantly capture subscribers from any page of your site with our live chat-inspired widget.

Notification - Send alerts, recommend content from your blog or push visitors to any specific page.

Fullpage takeover - Trigger a full-screen call to action based on user behavior.

Welcome mat - Display a full-screen call to action that shows when visitors land on your site.

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