Growing a reliable email list is vital for effective marketing. While Gist offers both single and double opt-in processes, understanding and effectively implementing the double opt-in can be of immense value to ensure authentic email subscriptions.

What is Double Opt-in?

Double opt-in is a two-step process that not only collects an email address but also verifies it. It ensures that subscribers genuinely want to receive emails from you, which can lead to a more engaged and loyal audience.

How Double Opt-in works:

  1. Sign-up on your form: A visitor enters their email address into your online sign-up form.
  2. Confirmation email: Gist sends a confirmation email where the subscriber has to click a unique link to verify their email address. Only after this step is the email added to your Gist contacts.

Enabling Double Opt-in in Gist:

You can enable the double opt-in feature while setting up your form in Gist. Currently, the double opt-in functionality is reserved for Gist signup forms.

You have three primary options for sending confirmation emails:

1. After every submission (Double Opt-In):

  • A confirmation email is sent after every form submission.
  • Actions related to the form, like enrolling the contact into a campaign, will be halted until the contact confirms their subscription.

2. Only to new contacts:

  • Exclusive to new contacts, this option ensures that the form-related actions are only executed upon confirmation by the contact.
  • Existing contacts in your database will automatically trigger all post-submission form actions and will not receive the confirmation email.

3. Never (Single Opt-In):

  • Gist performs form-related actions immediately upon form submission without sending any confirmation email.
  • This option, though expedient, is not recommended as it does not verify the authenticity of the email addresses, potentially increasing your bounce rate.

Customizing the Confirmation Email

Beyond the timing, tailor your confirmation email settings to define:

  • The template of the email.
  • The team member on whose behalf the email is sent.
  • The subject line and specific content of the confirmation email.

Important Note: Within the email content, ensure the {{confirmation_link}} text remains unaltered. Gist uses this placeholder to insert a unique confirmation link for each contact automatically.

Customizing the Double Opt-in Journey:

Every stage of the double opt-in process can be tailored to resonate with your brand’s voice and aesthetics.

  • Signup Form: This is the primary touchpoint where potential subscribers share their email addresses. Ensuring it aligns with your brand is crucial.

  • reCAPTCHA Confirmation: Gist incorporates a mandatory reCAPTCHA step post-submission to ensure the submission's authenticity. This prevents spambots from flooding your list with fake email addresses.

  • Opt-in Confirmation Email: This email plays a pivotal role as it contains the unique link subscribers need to click to confirm their subscription. It's your opportunity to ensure the email aligns with your brand's tone and design.

  • Confirmation Thank You Page: Once subscribers click the verification link, they're redirected to this page. While Gist provides a default page, you can customize it or even redirect subscribers to a specific page on your site.

  • Final Follow-up/Welcome Email: An optional touchpoint, this email is sent post-confirmation, welcoming the subscriber to your list. While disabled by default, it can be a great way to introduce your brand, offer discounts, or guide subscribers on the next steps. Alternately, you can achieve this with ongoing emails or even an email workflow series.

Double opt-in, while involving an extra step, ensures the authenticity of your subscribers, leading to a more engaged and genuine email list. Customizing this process using Gist's suite of tools can enhance the subscriber experience, setting the stage for a long and fruitful relationship.