Inbox rules let you automate actions in conversations for an efficient inbox and optimal customer experience, and each Inbox rule is made up of three types of blocks:

  • Triggers (When): trigger events that qualify a rule to start scanning for the filter conditions
  • Conditions (If): filters that a conversation or contact must meet in order for the rule to run the actions
  • Actions (Then): resulting actions that occur from the rule once conditions are met

This article explains the different triggers, conditions and actions you can use to create your workflows.

To learn how to create new rules and prioritize them, read our guide on automating your Inbox workflows with rules.


The When a section contains triggering events, that will cause Gist to start evaluating the conditions of your rule and see if they are met.


A customer starts a new conversationTriggers when a customer has started a new conversation on any channel
A customer replies to an in-app messageTriggers when a customer first replies to any outbound chat, post or bot message
A customer sends any replyTriggers every time a customer replies during any conversation
A new conversation hasn’t received a replyTriggers when a new conversation hasn’t received its first reply in a specified time
A customer has been unresponsiveTriggers when a customer has been unresponsive for a specified time


Reopened a conversationTriggers when a conversation is reopened, either from closed or snoozed
Snooze expiredTriggers when a snooze expires and conversation is reopened


Assignee is changedTriggers when a conversation is assigned or re-assigned to a teammate or team

Conversation Tag

Tag is addedTriggers when a conversation is tagged
Tag is removedTriggers when a tag is removed from a conversation

Satisfaction Rating

A customer left a satisfaction ratingTriggers when a contact has left a satisfaction rating on any channel


The If section contains the filters you've set that must exist in order for the actions to run.


ChannelCheck if the conversation was created in a specific channel(s)
StatusCheck if the conversation is currently open, snoozed or closed
TagCheck if the conversation has a specific tag(s)
AssigneeCheck if the conversation is currently assigned to a specific teammate(s)/team(s)
RatingCheck if the conversation has been a specific rating(s) by the contact


From addressCheck if the From address of an incoming email conversation matches
To addressCheck if the To address of an incoming email conversation matches


SubjectCheck if the Subject line of an incoming email conversation matches
Message contentCheck if the Message text of the conversation matches. You have an option to choose to include previous messages in the conversation or to only look for the text in the last message sent by the contact


Current URLCheck if the page URL (the full URL of the page including root domain) on your website from which the contact has sent the message matches
Current URL PathCheck if the path of the page (the text followed by the root domain) on your website from which the contact has sent the message matches


Contact segmentCheck if the contact belongs to a specific segment(s)
Contact tagCheck if the contact has a specific tag(s)
Contact propertyChecks if the contact has a property value that matches


Message is unreplied afterCheck if the contact's message hasn't had a reply in the specified time period. You can choose from minutes, hours and days
Business hoursCheck if the current time is within or outside of your business hours
Day of the weekCheck if the current day matches any of the selected ones
Time is between specific hoursCheck if the current time if within the specified time period


The Then section contains the list of actions that will result when all filters are met.


Assign toAssign conversation to a specific teammate or a team. If you select a team, you can also choose to assign directly to the team inbox or assign to an individual teammate within the team using Round-robin routing
Add a conversation tagAdd a specific conversation tag
Remove a conversation tagRemove a specific conversation tag


Reopen conversationReopen the conversation
Snooze conversationSnooze the conversation relative to the time the rule is triggered
Close conversationClose the conversation
Delete conversationPermanently delete the conversation


Mark as priorityMark the conversation as priority
Remove as priorityUnmark the conversation as a priority


Reply with a messageReply with a specific message text. The message would appear as sent by the bot and the text fully support liquid personalisation tags
Add an internal noteAdd a private note that only your teammates can see. The message would appear as sent by the bot and the text fully support liquid personalisation tags

Contact tag

Add a contact tagAdd a specific contact tag
Remove a contact tagRemove a specific contact tag


Trigger a webhookTrigger a webhook with the conversation data

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