Note: You need to connect your mailbox to Gist first before forwarding your support emails on behalf of your customers. Check out our detailed guide on how to setup automatic forwarding here.

When an email is forwarded to your Gist inbox, by default, Gist associates that email to the contact with the "From" email address in the original email, not the forwarder's email address. This ensures that the emails are correctly associated with contacts if you're using an automated forwarding rule in your inbox.

If your customers occasionally send support requests to your personal mailbox instead of your support mailbox, you can forward these emails to your Gist forwarding address or to your support mailbox and let Gist know who the sender is so the conversation can be mapped to the right contact.

To specify the requester in the forwarded email, enter the following instruction at the top of the email body:

#requester {requester_email}

where {requester_email} is the requester's email address. Example:


Note that, this command will only work if you're added as a teammate in the workspace. The command is ignored if the email is forwarded by any other non-teammate email address.

By forwarding the email, a conversation is created with the original sender, i.e. your customer, set as the requester. It also creates a new contact for them, if it already doesn't exist.

Note: When you forward an email from your email address or a teammate's mailbox, Gist recognizes it's coming from you and strips your details from the message so that the conversation is created as if it came from the original sender.

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