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This guide is specific to installing Gist on your WordPress site. If your website is built on other platforms, we recommend checking the specific installation guide for step-by-step instructions.

It is easy to install Gist on your WordPress site and start talking to your website visitors and customers.

A simple 3 step process is all you need to set up the plugin. Just install the Gist WordPress plugin, add your Workspace ID, and it's done!

Here's a quick video showing you how:

Step 1: Install the plugin

The first step is to install the WordPress plugin in your WordPress account.

  1. On the "Add Plugins" page of your WordPress dashboard, search for "Gist"
  2. Click "Install" and once the installation is complete, click "Activate"

Step 2: Copy your Gist workspace ID

Once you install the WordPress plugin, sign in to your Gist account.

  1. Go to the Settings tab on the right side of the main menu. 
  2. Navigate to "Data & Tracking" > "Tracking Code"
  3. Copy your Workspace ID and paste it into the Gist WordPress plugin settings.

This will allow the plugin to access Gist securely.

You can also access your Workspace ID in the URL itself. If you look at the alphanumeric code after '', that is your Workspace ID.

Step 3: Paste your Workspace ID in your WP plugin

Then back inside your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Settings > Gist and paste in the Workspace ID that you copied from your Gist Tracking Code page.

Once you enter your Workspace ID here, you will need to check the boxes as required.

  • If you want to track all pages on your site, then check the ‘Enable Tracker’ box.
  • If you want to disable chat for WordPress admin users, then check the second box. 
  • If you are already using a WordPress plugin such as MemberPress for your members/users, and if you want Gist to automatically identify your users without using the gist.identify method, then check the final box.

Click 'Save Changes'.

That's it. You have successfully installed the Gist tracking code and you'd be able to chat with your leads and users on your WordPress site.


  • You must have WordPress 4.0 and PHP 5.6 or higher for the plugin to be installed on your website correctly.
  • If you have the "Disable chat for WordPress admin users' box checked on your plugin settings, you'll need to log out of your WordPress site before you can see the Gist Messenger. Alternatively, accessing your site from an incognito window works too.

How to verify if the tracking code is successfully installed?

The Gist messenger will show at the bottom right corner of your website. If you followed the steps mentioned above but still do not see the Gist messenger on your site, check out our installation troubleshooting guide.

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