Why hasn’t a user received my message?


By Jitta Rao

updated 6 months ago

Whenever you send a message on Gist, we check the conditions and user properties and if a user matches those properties, we send them the message immediately.

If a user who should have received a message hasn’t, there could be a few reasons why. This troubleshooting guide will help you get to the heart of the problem. 

Before we understand what could have gone wrong, it is important that you understand how each message gets delivered on Gist:

  • Broadcast messages are manual messages and are sent to users immediately. Gist will look for all users who match your filters and will send it as soon as we find the user with those properties. Broadcast messages are usually sent instantly, and selfdom sent within a few minutes.
  • For auto-messages, we check once per hour to see if any new user has become eligible to receive your messages. A ping from an active user – when a user logs in and are online – will also trigger messages to be sent to the user immediately.

If the user does not take any action within this 1-hour period, the message is not sent to them. This could often be the reason why some of your users have not received your message yet.

  • If you’re talking to a user on the live-chat messenger, a push notification is sent to them immediately.

Now that you understand how Gist sends messages to your users, check to see if one of the following could be the reason.

Are you send the message to a very large audience?

Messages with a large audience might take some time for Gist to process. When you set a message live, we check all the message filters and see which of your users match them. The larger the message, the longer this processing can take to complete. The larger the user base to which you intend to send the message, the longer the time it takes.

Do users match the filters you’ve set?

All messaging on Gist is trigger based, i.e., your users have to match the filters you’ve set on a message before they become eligible to receive it. Examples of filters would be “Signed up less than 7 days ago”, “Number of pageviews is 5”, and “Plan is free.’

When you add filters to a message, these become the criteria that Gist uses to check a users’ eligibility to receive the message.

If a user does not match these criteria, they will not send any message. However, Gist keeps checking back every hour to see if any user properties have been updated so that the message can be sent.

Is the user still subscribed and in your database?

 If a user has opted to unsubscribe from your emails, then they will not be able to receive any auto or broadcast messages from Gist. Though you can still communicate with them through manual emails or the live-chat messenger.

The same applies if a user marks one of your emails as spam. Gist removes users from a segment if they mark your emails as spam, or if their bounce rate is unusually high.

These are usually the reasons why some users may not receive your messages. If you think your users are unable to receive messages due to a reason that is not mentioned here, reach out to us and let us know.

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