Gist is not just a Crisp alternative, but a major upgrade over Crisp. Here's a simple comparison between Gist and Crisp, including the differences in features, experience, and pricing.

1. Gist is more than just a live chat application

Whereas Crisp is mostly limited to live chat, Gist gives you a host of other marketing tools on one platform. In addition to live-chat, Gist gives you access to customer intelligence, email marketing, and automation, all packaged into one simple interface for everyone on your team.

And while Crisp may give you a colorful UI, we've focused on building useful and powerful functionality. Gist packs in far greater utility in the form of other useful tools, and as such offers a much better value for your money. 

2. Gist auto tracks every user action retroactively

Event tracking in Crisp is limited in its scope and is entirely manual. You will need to write code for every event that you want to track with Crisp. This gets cumbersome and developer intensive. And on top of that, whatever data Crisp tracks is not retroactive, meaning you can start tracking an event only after you define it using code.

On the other hand, Gist tracks every action that a user takes on your website, automatically, without the need to touch any code. This tracking of events begins on Day 1 - or the day you install Gist on your site. It needs no intervention from your developer. So, even if you forget to 'track' an event and decide to start tracking at a later date, you can get all data from Day 1, just by defining it on Gist's 'Event Visualizer'

As a result, all data that Gist tracks is fully retroactive, hence allowing your sales and marketing teams to make data-informed decisions, without any delay. With Crisp, you will have to wait for a few days after setting up tracking, to gather any useful data.

3. Gist lets you have multiple, separate chat conversations

Crisp allows you to have one chat per user, just like on Whatsapp or Messenger. This is not helpful to online businesses and customers alike because they would want to have separate conversations for separate issues or questions. But Crisp does not let you start new and separate conversations with your customers. You can only continue from where you left off previously, and after a while, it's difficult to keep track of the conversation and the entire chat history.

With Gist, both your team and your customers can start as many new conversations as they want, and as such keep conversations separate. This also allows your team to assign different conversations to different agents, instead of everyone replying in the same conversation and confusing the customer.

4. Gist is also a marketing automation tool

Tired of adding tags to hundreds of new users every day, or switching subscribers between email campaigns? Gist lets you automate all your marketing tasks so you don't have to do all those repetitive, manual tasks anymore. 

You can just set up a couple of automation rules, and Gist does everything for you. You can set up automation rules to move subscribers in and out of campaigns, send one-off emails, set custom properties, record events, and more. With Crisp, you cannot do all of this automatically because Crisp does not have a built-in marketing automation tool. You will need to hard code every automation manually on your website, or, spend additional money on a separate product altogether.

5. Gist can convert chat conversations into email

Crisp does not convert chat conversations into email messages. As a result, if you lose that chat connection with your visitors and customers in the middle of an important conversation, there is no way to continue it unless the same visitor comes back online soon. This means you're losing out on potential customers due to no fault of yours.

On the other hand, when your customer goes offline for more than 15 minutes, Gist sends your chat messages as emails, so you can continue the conversation even if you lose connection with them. This is why Gist asks for your visitors' email addresses and converts them into leads.

If your leads or customers reply to your emails, you receive their replies as chat messages, which you can manage from the team inbox, without switching between Gist's inbox and your email inbox.

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