This comprehensive guide aims to clarify different user roles available in Gist and the associated permissions. By understanding these roles, you can effectively manage your team’s access within your Gist workspace.

Understanding Default Roles

Gist provides several default roles, each designed to match the unique needs of various members of your team.

1. Owner

The owner holds the highest level of access within the Gist workspace.

Key Permissions:

  • Full access to everything, including all conversations and settings.
  • Only this person can delete the workspace or transfer ownership to someone else.
  • Can assign super admin roles.

2. Super Admin

Super Admins have the same permissions as the primary owner, except those limited to only owners.

Key Permissions:

  • Almost identical to the owner, except they can't delete the workspace or modify owner details.
  • Can assign admin roles.

3. Admin

Admins have access to almost all Gist features, except those limited to only owners and super admins.

Key Permissions:

  • Same as Super Admins but lack access to billing.

4. Full Member

A versatile role suited for daily workspace operations.

Key Permissions:

  • Comprehensive access to Support, Marketing, and Sales products.
  • No rights to modify teammate roles or access billing.

5. Limited Member

Ideal for members requiring workspace access without support functions.

Key Permissions:

  • Similar to Full Member but excludes access to Support Inbox.

6. Support Manager

This role is crafted for specialists with a focus on managing customer support tasks.

Key Permissions:

  • Access to the Support Inbox.
  • Ability to reassign conversations and delete certain components within a conversation.
  • Lack access to General workspace and Marketing features.

7. Support Representative

They are frontline support providers with certain restrictions.

Key Permissions:

  • Limited access to the Support Inbox.
  • Can only see conversations assigned to them.
  • Cannot reassign or delete messages within a conversation.
  • Lack access to General workspace and Marketing features.

Note: Permissions for default roles are fixed. Premium plan users can, however, create custom roles.

Note: If you are on the Premium plans, you can go beyond the default roles. Creating custom roles allows for more precise control over what each team member can access and modify. Tailor the permissions to fit your team's unique operational needs.

List of Permissions for Default Roles

Here is a list of all the permissions granted to teammates using Gist's default roles.

GeneralOwnerSuper AdminAdminFull MemberLimited MemberSupport ManagerSupport Rep
Edit workspace defaults
Create and edit tags
Add and remove domains
Modify Marketing settings
Modify Deal settings
Access API Key
Install, configure and delete apps
Create and edit teammates
Can manage billing settings
Can delete workspace
Can change ownership of workspace

Contacts access
Communicate one-to-one
Create and edit contact properties
Bulk delete contact
Import contacts
Export contacts

Conversation accessAssigned only
Reassign conversations
Delete replies and notes
Create and edit saved snippets
Modify Messenger settings
Modify Inbox settings
Inbox app access

Create and edit routing rules
Can access live view
Emma access

Edit accessEdit access
Edit access
Manage Emma content

Read onlyRead only
Read only
Manage Emma Settings

Articles access
Modify Knowledge Base settings
Reports access

Messages access
Chatbot access
Create and edit automations
Create and edit events
Create and edit deals

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