With our new bot builder you can see all the paths of your bot at a glance, so you never have to wonder if you got it right or what the bot is going to say next. Ultimately, our new bot builder helps marketers create higher-quality bots in less time.

Note that everything you could do in the old builder you can also do in the new builder and more. Plus it’s just simpler to use and easier to read!

Here are the list of new features that have been introduced in the new version:

  • We rebuilt the builder from scratch to give you a more visual overview of each path you’re guiding your visitors down, making it simpler to navigate and easier to create new steps - similar to our workflow builder.
  • Everything is visible without having you to click anything - bot questions, messages and conversation paths are all out here in the builder canvas for you to see.
  • To add new steps, simple drag and drop them on to the canvas and to set the next step, just connect two steps by dragging and dropping the green connector from the current step to the target.
  • You can add as many messages within a single question. There is no need to create multiple separate messages any longer.
  • You can now reorder buttons. To reorder how buttons appear, you can edit the button block and reorder there.
  • All actions have been moved from goals into their own blocks under Automations. To apply a contact tag, set contact property values, route or close conversations, etc., you don’t have to create separate goals anymore – you can simple add those blocks to your builder flow.
  • You can now route a conversation to not just teammates but also to teams.
  • You can capture open-text responses from your visitors and save that under a contact property. Want to capture your visitor’s name, company name or size etc. no problem.
  • You can now block free and disposable emails from being submitted by your visitors. Simply check these two checkboxes and the bot will ask them to try again by entering a new email address.
  • The meeting scheduler now allows you to select a specific meeting link instead of just the default meeting link. Also, the meeting scheduler has two paths now. If your visitor do not book a meeting within two minutes, it’s considered as abandoned and the abandoned meeting path is taken.
  • You can now greet your visitors by name or any other contact property and tailor responses based the information you collect with Bots to provide a more personalized customer experience.
  • You can now insert emojis, embed images and videos into your bot messages and make your conversations fun and lively.
  • You can duplicate a chat bot in a single click. Whether you want to customize content or target different audiences, it’s now faster to create multiple versions of a bot.
  • You can now combine 'and' & 'or' rules in your display rules, so it's much easier and powerful to target the exact audience you want to show your bots to.

With these updates, the bot builder will help you create conversational and personalized bot experiences in less time than ever before.

We are incredibly excited to see the amazing bot flows the community will create. We’ll be creating bot templates based on the highest converting bots and credit the authors in the coming weeks.

Login to your Gist account to give the new bot experience a try today.