Policy on affiliate email marketing content

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Updated 3 months ago

In order to maintain the highest levels of deliverability, we do not allow certain types of email content as a policy. Affiliate marketing content is included in the list of email types that we cannot allow on our service. Here's a more detailed explanation of what this means.

We do not intend to target all affiliate marketing content. Emails that are sent purely for the purpose of marketing or selling good or services, without any value add to the subscriber, is the kind of email content that is not allowed on Gist. Such emails receive a large number of spam complaints from subscribers, which result in hurting our reputation as an email service provider, which in turn hurts the deliverability of our other customers. Sending email content that violates the CAN-SPAM Act is considered an inappropriate use of your Gist account, and a breach of our terms of service. Hence, our anti-spam policy does not allow pure affiliate marketing content

What type of affiliate marketing is allowed:

Emails that actually educate subscribers or provide something of real value may also include affiliate links. Such emails would not lead to spam complaints and are hence allowed. 

Sending information about your own product's or service's affiliate program to your registered affiliates is allowed. 

Sending affiliate marketing content to highly engaged subscribers is okay, because such content is expected by the subscriber base, and does not result in spam complaints.

What type of affiliate marketing is not allowed:

Emails whose sole purpose is to send affiliate links to a large number of subscribers.

Affiliate emails that endorse a third party product or service out of the blue, without prior education about that product or service.

Emails with suspicious and spammy content such as get rich quick schemes, gambling, multi-level-marketing, among others. 


As long as your content does not regularly get reported as spam by even a few of your subscribers, we have no problem with your email content. 

Will my account be suspended if I violate these terms?

While we will not suspend your account altogether, we will revoke access to emails. You can still access other products, and view and manage all your contacts. You will also have the option to export your contacts and close your Gist account, and we will only charge you on a pro rata basis.

For any questions about this, please reach out to support via live chat.

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