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Broadcast emails are one-off email blasts that are sent out to a predetermined segment of users, at a time of your choosing. You can use broadcasts to send email newsletters, or product announcements, event promotions, blog post updates, quick shout outs, or one-off discount sale emails.

Using Gist, you can create a simple, targeted message campaign in minutes, and send it across to any predetermined user segment, or an instantly made up user group, with the help of filters and rules.

How are broadcast messages different from auto messages?

Broadcast messages are not the same as auto messages. While auto messages are sent automatically by Gist when a user matches the filters, broadcast messages are sent by you manually.

And unlike auto messages, which contain evergreen content and are sent multiple times to a user if they match the conditions, broadcasts are sent only once and are never repeated unless you send it again manually.

In Gist, broadcast messages can be customized as needed:

- You can set a goal for the email message to track the actions taken by your users. For instance, you can set a goal that the email message is successful if a user replies to it. Or if a user clicks on a specific URL. Or if they sign up for your free trial.

- You can preview the message before you send it and even send yourself a test email to check if the message is being delivered as you want it to be.

- You can schedule the broadcast to be sent at a particular time.

Types of broadcast emails and use cases

Broadcasts are exclusively used to send time-sensitive email content to a wide range of subscribers, and should not be used to send customized, or tailor-made evergreen content based on user's actions. 

The content possibilities for broadcast emails are nearly endless, but there are some instances where you would need to use to broadcast emails - such as sending email newsletters, product announcements, notifying subscribers of a new post on your blog, or blasting an email promoting a product that is on a limited time sale. etc.

Email Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your subscriber base on a regular basis. Many businesses send weekly, or monthly newsletters to their subscribers to update them on the latest news about their company, new products and features, partnerships and integrations, and events. 

You can also send newsletters about your culture, your company's community outreach, and social programs, or if you did any public events this month. You can also let your subscribers know if you've been featured in a popular magazine if one of your teammates spoke at a conference, and also share any news related to funds you've raised or companies you've partnered with.

You can send your subscribers the latest news, trends, and updates from your industry. Your subscribers would love to know what's happening in their industry, and a curated newsletter from you would help establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

You can create mini-guides to using your product, and let your users know how they can benefit from using a feature that they probably have no idea about. Give your users useful tips that will help their businesses, and they will certainly keep them coming back for more. 

Whenever you publish a new blog post, you can let your subscribers know, and ask them to go check it out. You can even include some quotes or snippets from your blog post in the email, and give them the link to read the rest of it. 

Use your newsletter to promote and remind your subscribers about upcoming special events, whether it’s a discount sale or a weekend special at your restaurant. 

Product Announcements

Whenever you launch a new product or release a brand new feature for a popular product, you can announce the launch via email to your subscribers. This not only makes them happy to be the first to know of an important update, but you will also get instant feedback from enthusiastic users. 

You can even use this email to create buzz, ask your subscribers to share their opinions on social media, or invite their friends to join. 

Or, if you have a video guide explaining the new features, and how they will benefit your users, you can send that video to your subscribers and educate them before asking them for feedback. You can then also take surveys and find out what people think of your product or your business.

Time-sensitive Promotions

If you're running a time-sensitive sale or campaign, you can use broadcasts to create a sense of urgency among your subscribers, and send them regular emails letting them know what they'll miss out on if they do not sign up for it.

Broadcasts are perfect for sales and promotions that have an expiration date. Because broadcasts are sent only once, and because your offer is also available only now, your email prompts your subscribers to open right away and take action.

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