To ensure that Gist is seen as reliable and clean email service by ISPs around the internet, we have standards for the accounts that send emails on our platform.

These standards help us ensure that our client's are able to send emails that are received as legitimate ( and not spam ). 

Keeping you Gist account in good standing for sending emails: 

Below are the important metrics that we take into account when measuring the health of an account that is using Gist to send emails.

If you are using Gist to send emails in a legitimate business manner, chances are these #'s are nothing to worry about. 

**Hard bounces:** Gist's hard bounce limit is **5%**. For reference, many ISPs prefer bounce rates under 2%.

**Spam reports:** Gist's spam complaint rate limit is **0.1%** (1 in 1,000 messages sent). Spam reports are when the recipient actively clicks the "spam" button when viewing the email.

You can view Bounces on the email dashboard:

1. Click on "Not Sent"

2. View Data

**Direct complaints:** if a direct complaint is sent to Gist's abuse desk about your emails, email sending may be suspended.

**Unsubscribes:** you will not be warned or suspended for a high unsubscribe rate.

If you have any further questions, or if we can help you in any way, please start a Live Chat in the lower right hand corner to talk with our support team.

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