Connect your Facebook page to Gist

By Jitta

Updated 23 days ago

Now, Gist integrates with Facebook messenger.

You and your team can manage all of the messages from the most popular social platform inside of Gist.

Think about it. Tagging, tracking and monitoring Facebook conversations in real time — just like you already do with our Live Chat and Email Marketing features!

1. Connect Gist To Facebook


This link will take you to the page with all integrations and you should clearly see Facebook’s section. Click “Connect”


Clicking “Connect” will open up a pop-up either asking you to sign in or asking if you’d like to continue.



2. Choose Your Facebook Page

The next pop-up will show all of the pages you control. Click the right one(s) to connect to Gist and it will be all set up!


Connected Page Confirmation

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