In the evolving landscape of customer support, AI has emerged as a game-changer. To empower our customers with this technology, we introduced Emma, our AI bot powered by a mix of models, including OpenAI's GPT-4, alongside Gist's own proprietary AI technologies.

It's efficient, fast, and always cites the source of its information for maximum transparency. However, some businesses prefer a more hands-on approach to customer interactions, desiring more control over AI-generated responses.

Enter Ask Emma, an Inbox assistant tailored for support teams. It doesn't replace human touch but amplifies it. With Ask Emma, teammates have two powerful capabilities at their fingertips:

1. Generating AI Answers for User Queries

Sometimes, your teammates might encounter a customer query that requires a detailed or technical response. Instead of crafting a reply from scratch, they can leverage Ask Emma. At the click of a button, Ask Emma generates a comprehensive AI answer. This response can be reviewed, edited, and then sent to the customer, ensuring that the reply is both accurate and personalized.

2. Direct Questioning

With Ask Emma, your teammates can directly pose questions to the AI. Whether it's seeking clarity on a product feature or understanding company policies, Ask Emma provides precise answers in real time. This feature acts as a knowledge base, ensuring that your support team always has the information they need at their fingertips.

  • Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + E when you're in the Inbox. This will activate Ask Emma.
  • Simply type in your query. Remember, Ask Emma understands natural language, so be direct and specific.
  • Once you've inputted your query, Emma will quickly analyze the documents it has access to and provide an answer. For transparency, the source of the information will also be displayed.

Optimizing AI Response

To make the most of Ask Emma, it's essential to understand how to optimize AI response results. By structuring your documents clearly and ensuring that the AI has access to comprehensive information, you can enhance the accuracy and relevance of the responses.

To learn more, read our detailed guide on optimizing AI response.

Tips for Asking Great Questions

The power of Ask Emma lies in its natural language processing capability. Hence, the way you phrase your questions can influence the accuracy of the answers.

  • Be Direct: Phrase your questions precisely to convey your intention. Instead of "email approval policies?", you could ask, "How do I submit email access requests for approval?"
  • Context Matters: Ask questions like, "Explain this new feature as if I was 10 years old." This helps Emma understand the depth and style of the answer you’re seeking.
  • Seek Specifics: If you're looking for advantages or specifics about a feature or policy, directly ask for them, e.g., "What are the three main advantages of feature X?"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What content does Ask Emma access?

Ask Emma accesses documents from the Emma Content library. It only answers based on the documents you've granted access to.

How does Ask Emma ensure data privacy?

Your content is not used to train Emma's AI models. After a query session, no data from the session is retained or learned.

Is any data sent to or processed by a third-party app?

Yes, document sources are sent to OpenAI for processing.