Navigating roles and permissions can be intricate, but our comprehensive FAQ guide is here to ensure your Gist experience is seamless. Dive in to understand how to best manage your team on Gist.

Who owns a Gist workspace?

Every workspace has a single owner. The individual who creates a Gist workspace is automatically designated as the "Owner" and they can transfer ownership to another team member via the "Transfer ownership" settings accessible from Settings > General > Teammates page.

Remember: The Owner is the main contact point for all billing concerns unless a distinct billing contact is specified.

Does the Role name influence permissions?

While the name of a role doesn't dictate its permissions, it's wise to use intuitive names like "Administrator" or "Content Editors" for clarity.

Who can update the credit card or change plans?

For safety reasons, only the Owner and Super Admins possess the rights to modify payment methods or switch plans.

What happens if the Owner is not available?

In the event the workspace Owner leaves or is unavailable, here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Initiate a password reset for the Owner's email.
  • Access that email and reset the password.
  • Log in as the Owner, then change workspace ownership.

You may need to request access to or reactivation of that email from your IT department or email admin. If you cannot complete that process, give us a shout via in-app chat and provide as much details as possible to verify that you are the new workspace owner.

A role's permission was changed; when will it apply to the teammates assigned to the role?

Any modifications to permissions take effect immediately for all users linked to that role.

I changed permissions and locked myself out of the site

No worries. Get in touch with your workspace's Owner or Super Admins. They can grant you the necessary access.

How do I set the permissions so that a teammate can only access conversations they've been assigned to?

To restrict a teammate's conversation access, adjust the "Conversation Access" setting to either "Assigned to me" or "Assigned to me and my teams".

I need my colleague to be able to download invoices for our accounting team. How can they do this?

Only the Owner and Super Admins can directly access the billing section. However, by designating a colleague as a billing contact, they'll receive monthly invoice emails.

Can I prevent a teammate from replying to conversations or adding notes?

If a teammate can access a conversation, they have the full rights to reply or add notes. Currently, there is no permission to restrict replies in individual conversations.

Is there a limit to the number of roles I can create within my workspace?

While Gist is flexible, there's a cap of 25 roles per workspace for optimal performance and management.

I have a user in a brand new position; how do I create a new role?

You can either start anew or base it on a pre-existing one for new roles. If choosing the latter:

  1. Copy the desired role.
  2. Rename it.
  3. Make necessary modifications.

The permissions in the default roles are not exactly what I want to assign to users. What’s the best way to modify the role?

To tailor a role, the most efficient approach is:

  1. Duplicate the default role closest to your requirements.
  2. Rename it.
  3. Customize as needed.