Segments are a great way to use your contact's behavioral data to send targeted emails to those contacts who have something in common.

They allow you to quickly view a segment of your contact list right from the contacts dashboard. You can use any default or custom property in your Gist workspace to segment your contacts using the segment builder. Contacts will be added or removed from segments automatically based on whether or not they currently meet the conditions you've set.

In this article, you'll learn about pre-built segments and how to use them.

Pre-built Contact Segments

Gist has four pre-built segments that are predefined so you don’t have to do it yourself.

New – those who have been added to your workspace in the last 24 hours. ("Signed up" less than 1 day ago)

Active – those who have been on your website at least once in the last 30 days. ("Last seen" less than 30 days ago)

Slipping Away – those who haven’t been on your website at least once in over the last 30 days. ("Last seen" more than 30 days ago)

Unengaged Contacts - those who haven't open any of your last 11 marketing emails. (See Email Sunset Policy for details)

If none of our pre-built segments work for you, use them as inspiration to build your own custom segments. For example, let's consider the Slipping Away segment. If 30 days of inactivity in a row doesn't match your standard of inactivity, you might want to create a new segment defined by a higher or lower number of days since last seen.

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