Maybe a workspace has outlived its usefulness, or you want to start fresh - or you're simply done with Gist (we'll try to be okay with that 🙃). Regardless, we want to make it straightforward for you to delete any workspace you create.

In order to delete your workspace,

  1. Go to your Settings > General > General Settings.
  2. You'll see the option "Delete this workspace" at the bottom of this page. Click it to open a confirmation dialog.
  3. Click Yes to continue with the deletion.

Upon deletion, all of your Gist data (contacts, conversations, emails, meetings, stats, settings,...) will be permanently deleted and this cannot be undone.

🔐 Note: Only the workspace owner (the person who created the workspace) can delete the workspace.

Also, if you have a paid subscription, you'll be prompted to cancel your plan first. Once you've confirmed the cancellation, you can go back to your Workspace Defaults to delete your workspace.

🎒 Tip: When you delete a workspace, you'll still have access to any others you belong to. If you only belong to one, you can always start again.

If you have further questions, please reach out to our support via in-app chat, or by emailing us at