is an analytics integration that allows you to track your data once and send it to any tool you wish to use.

With this integration, you can bring information you’ve tracked using code and other apps into Gist, such as first and last name, email address, page view history, and any events you’re tracking with

This article will walk you through integrating with Gist. Once you integrate, you'll be able to trigger workflows and define segments using contact data events that you sync to Gist from your Segment account. We will be able to sync any track and identify calls you make from Segment to Gist.

To get started with either integration, you’ll need the following:

Sending information to Gist from

To set up an integration to send data from to Gist, first set up the Gist destination, then walk through the wizard, and toggle the setting to enable email as the primary identifier.

  1. From your Segment project page click Destinations > Add Destination.
  2. Search for Gist and select it in the results that appear.
  3. Choose HTTP API Source to connect Gist to.
  4. Next you will need to enter your private Gist API key. (You can find your Gist API key in your Gist account under Settings > API & Integrations > API Key page.)

The integration set up is now complete. If you wish to discontinue the sync, you will need to disconnect the integration from your account.