The Gist Free Plan, comes with 200 contacts by default. Our referral program is a fantastic way to get up to 1000 free contacts and even an additional seat within Gist.

To get more, you can invite your friends to join Gist via invitation link. To find your link, hover over your profile in the top right corner of your Gist workspace. A dropdown menu will appear. Click "Refer a friend" to get started.

For each referral who installs Gist, we’ll give 100 bonus contacts for both you and your friend who accepted the referral. And on your 5th referral, we'll give you a bonus support seat for free. 

If one friend accepts = 300 contacts (200-100)

  • One Referral = 300 Contacts
  • Two Referrals = 400 Contacts
  • Three Referrals = 500 Contacts
  • Four Referrals = 600 Contacts
  • Five Referrals = 700 Contacts + a 2nd Support Seat
  • Six Referrals = 800 Contacts
  • Seven Referrals = 900 Contacts
  • Eight Referrals = 1000 Contacts

Some more details about the Referral Program:

  1. Rewards will be Workspace specific.
  2. Referral program is only available in Free plan workspaces.
  3. Extra contacts are awarded only when Referee installs tracking code of their website.