If you’re receiving an error message when setting up the WooCommerce Deep Data integration, there could be a few reasons why. In this article, we'll list connection errors that can appear when configuring the WooCommerce Deep Data integration and what you can do to troubleshoot them.

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WooCommerce Connection Error

What to Check

1. Your Protocol

Check if your WooCommerce store URL uses an HTTP or HTTPS protocol. Depending on your server configuration, you might need to test both protocols to see which one functions optimally.

2. Your SSL Certificate

In case of SSL certificate issues, please consult your server administrator or the individual responsible for SSL setup to diagnose and resolve the problems. Additionally, you can utilize this SSL Checker to diagnose issues with your SSL certificate installation.

WooCommerce Plugin Status Disconnected

What to Check

1. Security Plugins

If you have activated security plugins like Sucuri, Wordfence, or MalCare on WordPress, consider temporarily disabling them. This can allow Gist to connect with your WooCommerce store. Alternatively, you can whitelist the Gist for WooCommerce plugin directory if you're using Sucuri.

WooCommerce API Misconfigured

What to Check

1. WooCommerce Rest API

Ensure that the "Enable the REST API" box is checked in the WooCommerce plugin of your Wordpress account. Click to enable and save settings.

2. Permalinks

Ensure that your permalinks are configured correctly. All options except "Plain" permalinks will work with this integration.

3. .htaccess File

Confirm that your .htaccess file in WordPress does not include default WordPress rewrite rules. You might need to consult a server admin or someone experienced in maintaining or troubleshooting your web server configuration if issues persist.

WooCommerce Plugin Not Detected

What to Check

1. WooCommerce Plugin Status

Check to see if the WooCommerce WordPress plugin is installed and enabled in your WordPress account.

Invalid WooCommerce URL

What to Check

1. Store URL

Ensure that the store URL used to set up the Deep Data integration doesn't include "/shop" at the end. The correct format should be: https://my-store.com. Incorrect format: https://my-store.com/shop.

Unexpected Error

If you see this error, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

Remember, this guide is here to assist you in the process, but don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team for any complex issues or for further assistance. We're always ready to help!