Gist's Live View (Beta) is live!

See exactly where all of your visitors are where Gist is installed. Set up snippets or just send them a direct message — when you know they are looking! 

This quick 4-minute video will highlight all of the features within the new Live View tool.

Live View Table Columns

Name: The name of the person if they have been identified.

Email: The email of the person if they have been identified.

User type: Indicates whether they are a Visitor or a Lead or a User.

Current page: The page they are currently on or were last on.

Actions: Use these two to chat or email them.

Time on site: How long the visitor has been on the website.

Location: The city and country they are located based on their IP address.

Open tabs: The number of browser windows or tabs they have currently open

Original source: Referring URL with the favicon of the website + Source name and root domain.

Conversations: How many times the visitor has initiated a chat. Never = 0.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

1. If somebody already has an Assistant delivered to them on the page they're on, will this message override that Assistant?

  •  The message you send from the Live View will override an existing message, but will not override an Assistant that is already displaying. It will start a separate conversation.

2. What will this message look like to the end user?

  • Gist will show your message in a message bubble, along with your avatar. Clicking on it will open the chat Messenger.

3. What happens if I send a message and the visitor is already gone by the time I click send?

  • If they were already identified (IE: they gave their email address or you set the Gist Messenger to identify them), after 15 minutes they will get the message you sent to them, so long as you have Email Follow Up turned on in your settings.

4. What happens once I do send a message? Can I view that conversation?

  • Once you send a message, a new conversation will be created, which you can find in your Conversations view in Gist. We'll leave you on the Live View page so you can fire off a few more messages before responses start rolling in.

5. How do I prevent multiple team members from messaging the same visitor?

  • If a teammate has messaged a person from the live view, we will hide that end user from the live view for the remainder of that session (30 minutes). The conversation will then live in the Conversations view.

6. Live view shows colours against each avatar. It is based on the ping call.

  • Green colour - (0 - 45) seconds
  • Yellow colour - (45 - 80) seconds (if the ping call is not received for 45 - 80 seconds)
  • Grey colour > 80 seconds (if the ping call is not received for more than 80 seconds)