Gist's event tracking tool allows you to create profiles for your registered users. It's fully integrated with all the other Gist products - live chat, email marketing, and automation. The event tracking tool can be accessed in the 'People' tab, and provides a single place to store all your customer properties.

The 'People' page is most useful for websites that have a user login system, because it enables Gist to track user properties and behavior and attach them to their email addresses. Gist helps you to:

  • view complete live user profiles instantly with important user properties.
  • enrich people profiles with any data from their social accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.).
  • see a full history of all your user's on-site activity, across all their devices, even before they signed up.
  • see which channel your users came from and how they first found your site.
  • view every page that your users have visited on your site.
  • search and filter your users any way you want to.
  • create unlimited user segments based on their properties and behavior on your site.
  • use segments to send automated email campaigns based on your user activity.
  • send targeted chat prompts to a specific group of users and urge them to take action.
  • track important actions such as when a user activates a feature for the first time.

Gist's Contact page will help you access customer level data and user properties in one intuitive and searchable place. Any one on your team and get readily accessible customer data and start interacting with your users better. 

Segment your user base intelligently

With Gist, you can use many different types of filters and create user segments based on users properties - both default and custom - to segregate groups of common users. User segments help you identify groups of people effortlessly. You can use segments to find the most active users on your site, or those users who are inactive and at risk of churning. 

All user segments are updated in real time and you can see the data change as your users do new actions on your site. 

Some good ways to create smart segments that help you understand your business and your users:

  • Users who signed up today
  • Users who signed up this week
  • Users who haven't started using your app yet
  • Users who are at risk of churning
  • Users who are reaching their plan's limits
  • Users who canceled on one of your plans
  • Users who login X number of times everyday

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