Ready to leave Drift and bring your business to Gist? 

Great! We’d love to build your business!

When you join Gist, you will have access to the features you use the most at Drift. You will also have access to more features that are only available with Gist. 

Easily import your Drift customer data to Gist.

When you switch from Drift to Gist, you have the ability to import your ‘contacts’ from Drift to Gist. This is done by exporting from Drift and then uploading a simple CSV file to Gist. You can import the details of your contacts, including their name, email address, job title, company, location and more.

Step #1:

To export a CSV file of your Subscriber list from Drift :

 1. Go to your Drift sidebar and choose "Contacts"

 2. Find the Manage Contacts dropdown in the top righthand corner. 

 3. There you can export a CSV of all of your contacts

Step #2:

Next, import your contacts to Gist.

Once you’ve downloaded your CSV file, you need to import that file into Gist.

This is a simple process that takes less than 2 minutes.

What to expect when you make the switch to Gist.

 For a more complete comparison please check out our comparison page here.

1. Big Money Savings for your Business.

Comparing the pricing of powerful tools, like Drift and Gist, can be difficult.

But take a look at the highest priced offerings.

Gist’s highest-priced plan is $79/mo and with it, you get everything we offer now and in the future.

Drift's highest cost plans are — $400/mo, $1500/mo and custom Enterprise plans.

For a closer look at the pricing difference check out our in-depth comparison, you will see that the savings are substantial.

2. Gist Offers a full-fledged Email Marketing suite.

Drift’s email is meant to deeply integrate (and even function similarly) to their chat feature.

The email is not geared for sending broadcasts, regular updates or even drip campaigns. But rather, this feature is meant to be a part of the nurturing and communication of leads.

Gist’s email marketing tool is a complete email marketing suite that pairs well with several other features offered — like forms and automations.

3. Gist is an all-in-one platform for your business.

Gist is an all-in-one customer communication and marketing automation platform. Gist helps you grow your business and engage with your customers across their lifecycle. It is a complete marketing and growth stack for your business. Gist offers Live Chat, Email Marketing, Automation, Event tracking, Knowledge Base, Meeting Scheduling, Lead Generation Forms and more.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about moving your business to Gist, please start a Live Chat in the lower right corner!