Using Gist, you can filter contacts based on their standard or custom properties, and then segment them into groups. You can use contact segments to send specific targeted messages and email campaigns.

A segment is a group of people filtered based on their actions.

For instance, you can create a “High Value Customers” segment with people who satisfy the following conditions:

  • make purchases of at least $100 a month
  • log in at least 5 times in a week
  • have clicked on your discount sale emails
  • upgraded from popup campaign

Using these segments, you can create and schedule, broadcast campaigns, auto messages, and drip email campaigns, based on any contact action: pageview, time on page, clicking a link, watching a video, and more. This helps you trigger relevant and targeted messages to your visitors, and improve conversions.

Create a new segment

To create a segment, you’ll need to select the filters that you want on the left-hand side of your contact list. For example, if you want to create a segment of contacts who signed up in the last 14 days, just filter for ‘Signed up less than 14 days ago.’ 

You can even combine multiple filters and arrive at a targeted contact segment. Once you select the necessary filters, click on the ‘Save Segment’ button at the bottom left, and then give the segment a relevant name.

Repeat this step to create as many segments as you want.

Send targeted messages

Once you have your segments ready, you can use them to send targeted communication to your contacts. Using Gist, you can send auto messages, broadcast emails, or drip campaigns to any contact segment you want.

Once you set these messages and campaigns live, all current and future contacts who match those filters will automatically be sent targeted messages and emails.

Standard contact segments

Gist has three standard segments that are predefined so you don’t have to do it yourself.

New – those who signed up in the last 24 hours

Active – those who have logged in at least once in the last 30 days

Slipping away – those who haven’t logged in over the last 30 days

Custom segments you can create

These segments must be specific to your product, and its features. Here are a few examples:

Free trial contacts – those who have signed up for the free trial. You can send them targeted email campaigns with features, success stories and case studies that persuade them to upgrade.

Paid plan contacts – these customers should be given priority support and hence it helps if you can identify them as a separate segment.

Loyal customers – those who have been using your product for a long time. It’s up to you to decide who’s a loyal customer. They can be used to test new features, take feedback on product updates, and for case studies.

Prospective customers – you can define them as those who are approaching the end of the free trial or reaching the limits of your free plan. For example, if you allow 10 free email campaigns, and they’ve already used 8, you can segment them so you can send them a campaign encouraging them to upgrade.

Inactive contacts – those who have signed up but have not yet taken a single action on your website or product. You can send nudge them a little by sending pro tips, and benefits of using your product.

Segments get automatically updated whenever new contacts sign up. Gist checks for new contacts and add them automatically to the segments which they belong to, based on their behavior and contact properties.

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