How does Gist compare with Drift?

By Jitta

Updated 4 months ago

Gist is not just a Drift alternative, but a major upgrade over Drift. Here's a simple comparison between Gist and Drift, including the differences in features, experience, and pricing.

1. Gist is more than just a live chat application

Whereas Drift is limited to live chat, Gist gives you a host of other marketing tools on one platform. In addition to live-chat, Gist givesou access to customer intelligence, email marketing, and automation, all packaged into one simple interface for everyone on your team.

2. Gist auto tracks every user action retroactively

Event tracking in Drift is entirely manual. You will need to write code for every event that you want to track with Drift. This gets cumbersome and developer intensive. And on top of that, whatever data Drift tracks is not retroactive, meaning you can start tracking an event only after you define it using code.

On the other hand, Gist tracks every action that a user takes on your website, automatically, without the need to touch any code. This tracking of events begins on Day 1 - or the day you install Gist on your site. It needs no intervention from your developer. So, even if you forget to 'track' an event and decide to start tracking at a later date, you can get all data from Day 1, just by defining it on  Gist's 'Event Visualizer'

As a result, all data that Gist tracks is fully retroactive, hence allowing your sales and marketing teams to make data-informed decisions, without any delay. With Drift, you will have to wait for a few days after setting up tracking, to gather any useful data.

3. Gist lets you segment users however you like

Segmenting in Drift is limited to tags, so you cannot segment users however you like. With Gist, you can use dynamic segments, which is the future of email marketing. A segment is a group of people filtered based on their actions.

For instance, you can create a “High Value Customers” segment with people who satisfy the following conditions:

  • make purchases of at least $100 a month
  • log in at least 5 times in a week
  • have clicked on your discount sale emails
  • upgraded from popup campaign

Using these segments, you can create and schedule, broadcast campaigns, auto messages, and drip email campaigns, based on any user action - pageview, time on page, clicking a link, watching a video, and more. This helps you trigger relevant and targeted messages to your visitors, and improve conversions.

4. Gist is also a marketing automation tool

Tired of adding tags to hundreds of new users every day? Gist lets you automate all your marketing tasks so you don't have to do all those repetitive, manual tasks anymore. 

You can just set up a couple of automation rules, and Gist does everything for you. You can set up automation rules to move subscribers in and out of campaigns, send one-off emails, set custom properties, record events, and more. With Drift, you cannot do all of this automatically because Drift does not have a built-in marketing automation tool. You will need to hard code every automation manually on your website, or, spend additional money on a separate product altogether.

5. Gist lets you try Premium features for free

We understand how important it is to try before you buy. That is why you can try all of the features and tools on the Gist's Pro plan, free of cost for 21 days. We want you to make informed decisions about the tools that you want to use, and believe in showing value before charging money.

Drift does not have a free trial, so there's no way for you to know if their features actually benefit you, unless you pay upfront.

6. Gist does not limit how many agents you can have

Unlike Drift, Gist does not penalize you for having teammates. Drift allows you to have only one 'agent' or team member per account. If you need more agents on your team, you need to pay per agent, which quickly gets very expensive, and is honestly unfair for small and medium businesses who would like to work as a team and do sales and support quickly.

With Gist, you are not limited by the number of agents you can have on your team. You can bring every teammate onto Gist - whether they are in sales, marketing, or support. Everyone can work together without the burden of additional costs. 

7. Gist is way more affordable than Drift

Because Drift charges you extra for every agent that you have on your team, you end up paying a lot more than you'd imagine, and the cost becomes a burden even if you have a small team to begin with.

You should either limit the number of agents you can have on your team - which can reduce your team's sales and support performance, or you should pay more.

We believe that small business software should actually be affordable for small businesses. And Drift's pricing is honestly unfair for small businesses with growing teams.

On the other hand, Gist's pricing is fair and simple. No hidden extra charges or unfair penalties for team collaboration. You can bring as many teammates as you want onto Gist, and let everyone work together as a team, without worrying about increasing costs. We only charge you for the number of subscribers you have. 

Here’s a Gist vs. Drift monthly pricing comparison chart, assuming you have 5 agents in your team. The pricing here is for Drift's Starter plan, and Gist's Pro plan.

Number of SubscribersDrift PricingGist Pricing

Switching from Drift to Gist will save you at least 50% annually.

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