How does Gist compare with MailChimp?

By Jitta

Updated 2 months ago

Gist is not just a MailChimp alternative, but a major upgrade over MailChimp Here's a simple comparison between Gist and MailChimp, including the differences in features, experience, and pricing.

1. Gist lets you talk to your customers live

Your customers are on your website right now and they want to talk to you. Gist lets you and your entire team talk to visitors and customers in real-time, answer their questions, send them targeted discount offers, and convert them into subscribers and paying customers.

There's no way MailChimp can help you with that. You will have to invest in a separate live-chat software. On the other hand, Gist gives you everything on one platform, including livechat, and integrates live chat and email marketing together so your messages will be consistent and your user experience uniform.

2. Gist lets you segment users however you like

MailChimp lets you create only one form per list. Like most online businesses, if you're looking to subscribe your users from multiple forms on your website into a single list, it is not possible with MailChimp. Since MailChimp uses a legacy model of list based marketing, there is no way to create customized user segments that update dynamically with time.

With Gist, you get rid of archaic static lists and instead use dynamic segments, which is the future of email marketing. A segment is a group of people filtered based on their actions.

For instance, you can create a “High-Value Customers” segment with people who satisfy the following conditions:

  • make purchases of at least $100 a month
  • login at least 5 times in a week
  • have clicked on your discount sale emails
  • upgraded from popup campaign

Using these segments, you can create and schedule, broadcast campaigns, auto messages, and drip email campaigns, based on any user action - pageview, time on page, clicking a link, watching a video, and more. This helps you trigger relevant and targeted messages to your visitors, and improve conversions.

You cannot do any of this using MailChimp. All you can do is send emails to lists separately. If your subscriber is on multiple lists, they get spammed with multiple emails at the same time, causing an increase in churning subscribers.

3. Gist gives you detailed campaign reports

Use Gist's insightful campaign reports, and understand how your campaigns are performing, with email conversions, opens, clicks, and more. Every type of email - auto message, broadcast, and drip campaign - has detailed stats so you can know exactly how it is performing. Gist connects every campaign to an action and makes your data available in real-time.

While MailChimp also offers detailed reports for its emails, you can only understand how your newsletter emails are performing. There is no way to know how your drip campaigns and auto messages are performing, and how many conversions have happened as a result of those campaigns. Gist gives you all of that information.

4. Gist doesn't charge you unfairly

If a subscriber is on three different lists because they wanted to download three of your eBooks - which is very common - MailChimp treats them as three different subscribers when you're being billed, and you end up paying way more than you should. 

We believe that small business software should actually be affordable for small businesses. MailChimp uses a legacy pricing model, charging you multiple times for subscribers spread over multiple lists. This is unfair for small businesses and bloggers.

On the other hand, Gist's pricing is fair and simple. No static lists or duplicate email addresses. Every customer has a single record in your Gist account, and you will be charged only on the number of unique subscribers. We will never overcharge you, ever. 

Here’s a Gist vs. MailChimp monthly pricing comparison chart for MailChimp's 'Pro Marketer' plan, against Gist's 'Pro' plan.

Number of SubscribersMailChimp PricingGist Pricing


Switching from MailChimp to Gist will save you more than 50% annually.

5. Gist lets you customize your messaging

With Mailchimp you can’t funnel your users into different areas. There is no way to customize our messaging based on user properties on behavior - for instance how recent our users were, what features they’ve taken advantage of, and if they’ve hit certain milestones on your app, etc. 

MailChimp is great for broadcast emails that you want to send to everyone, but not great for modern customer communication where you would want to send targeted messages to users based on what they do on your site. 

With Gist, you can send in-app messages, automated emails, broadcasts, and lifecycle drip campaigns to any user segment that you want. This helps you personalize your messaging instead of blasting the same message to everyone, and thereby funnel your users much better.

For instance, you can use Gist to create separate campaigns for user onboarding, trial to paid conversion emails, welcome messages, etc.

6. Gist provides powerful functionality

Gist gives you a powerful marketing automation tool, and as such provides much greater functionality than MailChimp, and meets the marketing needs of a modern online business.

And that is why, with Gist you not only have a much better email marketing platform, but you also get to enjoy other great benefits.

You get access to additional tools - such as live chat, marketing automation, and customer intelligence, without any additional costs, while MailChimp gives you access to just email marketing. This compels you to use other tools in addition to MailChimp.

Making the switch to Gist is easy; you can get your whole team set up on Gist in a minute. Also, migrating from MailChimp to Gist is very simple. Get in touch with our team if you need help with migrating.

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