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By Jitta

Updated 20 days ago

Once you have everything setup, you can update your company profile including name, website and logo, which can be used when sending messages to your users.

To update your company profile on Gist, go to the Settings page, and click on the 'General Settings' tab under the 'Project and Teams' section.

Once here, you can upload your company's logo, enter the names of your company and your current project, as well as the URL to your homepage. 

Make sure to resize your logo or icon before uploading so as to fit in the small box that you can see on the screen. You can make changes to this information whenever you want.

After setting up your company profile, you can also update your personal profile on Gist so your users can see who they're talking to.

To do this, click on the 'Profile' button, and select 'My Profile'. You'll be taken to your profile page where you can update and edit information whenever you want.

Here, you can upload your pr file picture, which your customers will see on the live chat widget on your site. You can also change your name, your role at your company, and change passwords in the future.

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We've just shown that all of the main features of Intercom are here at Gist. If you have any questions about finding a feature you currently use with Intercom on the Gist Platform, please reach out to our support team!

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