Setup Your First Marketing Automation!

By Jitta Rao

updated 3 months ago

Gist makes marketing automation easy and simple. Using Gist, you can start creating automation rules to perform actions automatically based on specific triggers and user behavior.

To use marketing automation on Gist, you need to setup event triggers and their respective actions. 

To do this, select the ‘Automation’ tab on the taskbar and click on ‘New Automation Rule’

Choose an appropriate name for your trigger depending on what action you’re automating.

Select the event which you want to focus on, and choose the action you want to trigger as a consequence of that event.

For instance, when someone ‘submits a form’, you can configure Gist to automatically send them an email campaign.

Once you finish defining your trigger, click on ‘Save’. Your new automation trigger is live and Gist will take care of the actions automatically.

You can create multiple actions for the same trigger.

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