Following are answers to some commonly asked questions regarding automation on Gist.

What is a trigger?

A trigger is an event or a precondition which when happens triggers an action from Gist. As of now, Gist has 10 triggers or events which happen when a user: subscribes to a campaign, is tagged, has their tag removed, submits a form, unsubscribes from a campaign, completes an email campaign, clicks on a link, visits a certain page, opens an email sent by you, and updates a custom field in the database.

What is an action?

An action is an activity performed by Gist based on the preset event triggers. As of now, Gist can perform 11 actions: applying a tag to a user, removing a tag from a user, sending users an email campaign, removing users from an existing campaign, moving users between email campaigns, restarting an email campaign, sending a manual email to users based on their behavior, setting a custom field to users, deleting a subscriber from the database, unsubscribing a user from a campaign, and sending notification emails to users.

What is a rule?

A rule is a preset condition that allows you to automatically perform actions based on various triggers. Using Gist automation, you can create as many automation rules as you want. 

For example, if a user submits the 'Download Free Marketing Guide' form on your website, then you can set up Gist to automatically send them the 'marketing series' drip email campaign. 

If I create an Automation rule, will it affect subscribers that have already met the trigger?

Automation rules don't apply retroactively, they will only apply to triggers going forward.

Can I edit or delete an existing automation?

Yes, you can see all the existing automation rules you have in place, in the automation tab. If you wish to edit or delete them, you can do so on that screen.

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