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Here are some commonly asked questions about using Gist Forms.

Can I set up multiple forms on one web page?

Yes, you can. Each form can be set up to be shown on multiple pages on your site. But you can also create multiple forms and set them up to be displayed on the same page. You can even set up some form types to be shown universally on all your web pages, and simultaneously display some forms with specific content on specific web pages.

However, it is important to make sure you do not overwhelm users with too many forms as that can be distracting and at times annoying.

How field validation on Gist forms works?

Email addresses entered into the Email field on a Gist form are immediately validated by Gist. If the email address is not valid (does not exist, is misspelled, etc.), the form cannot be submitted.

If you want to build a form with custom validation rules, you can work with your developer to integrate your custom form with Gist using the Gist Forms API.

Why do I have more form submissions than contacts?

Form submissions are recorded any time the Submit button on a form is clicked. If a form is submitted multiple times with the same email address, only one contact will be created, but each form submission will still be recorded. If a contact is deleted from Gist, their form submission will still appear, but they will no longer show up in a list filtered by the form's submissions.

Why aren't form submissions creating new contacts?

For a form submission to create a contact record in Gist, the default Email field must be used on your form.

If the form submission uses an email address already associated with a contact record, or if the submission is done in a browser with tracking cookies tied to an existing contact record, it will update the existing contact record and not create a new one.

Does Gist track activity before a contact converts on a form?

Yes. When a visitor lands on your site, Gist tracks their activity and identifies them as a unique visitor by setting tracking cookies in their browser. Once the visitor submits a form, Gist will try to associate the new contact record with any previously tracked activity.

If a visitor clears their cookies before submitting a form on your site, Gist will not be able to associate previously tracked activity with the new contact.

Can I add multiple fields in the same form?

Yes, you can add as many fields in the same form as required. The default field for any form is 'email', and this cannot be removed. However, you can a host of other fields, customize them as you like, and also change the order in which they're presented on the form. 

Can I customize the confirmation email?

Yes, you can customize the confirmation email that is sent to a user once they enter their email address. All forms on Gist require that the user confirm their email address, and you can choose what message you want to send in the email along with the confirmation link.

While we do have a default email message that you can choose to send to your users, depending on your target audience, your brand, and your messaging style, you can customize the email message and add your own flavor to increase the chances of people confirming their emails. 

You can also use the HTML editor to insert pictures, logos, GIFs, videos, etc to liven up your confirmation email.

I can’t get the form to load more than once. How do I fix it?

Often times, when you are unable to get the Gist form to load more than once, it could be because the cookies on your browser and preventing it from displaying again. Note that Gist uses cookies to identify a user, and a form loads only once, in order to avoid overwhelming users with forms every time they visit your site. 

As a result, if someone sees your form once and closes it, interacted with the form when it first loaded by closing it, ignoring it or successfully converting, it’s possible the cookies for your form are preventing it from displaying again, they won't be able to view it again unless they clear the cookie on their browser.

Once the browser's cookies are cleared, the form should load again as it did before.

If your form still does not load for you after clearing your cookies, please contact support via live chat.

Are Gist forms double opt-in enabled? 

Yes, all forms on Gist are double opt-in enabled. 

Can I disable the double opt-in feature?

Yes, it is possible to disable the double opt-in feature. To enable single opt-in form, you can edit the form and under confirmation settings, you can choose 'Never' and save the form.  If the confirmation settings is set to 'Never' it means the form is Single opt-in enabled. 

However, we highly recommend using the double opt-in feature since it allows you to collect email addresses easily and grow your audience in a safe way. Depending on your organization’s needs, you may want to use the double opt-in process to bring leads on board, as it provides you with an added layer of security in order to verify the email addresses.

What is double opt-in and why is it important?

The double opt-in process involves an extra confirmation step that verifies each email address that is added to your Gist account. The double opt-in process includes two steps. 

In the first step, a potential subscriber fills out and submits the online signup form on your website. In the next step, they'll receive a confirmation email and click a link to verify their email. They'll then be added to your mailing list on Gist.

This ensures that you receive a genuine email address every time and that your emails will not bounce. As a result, your delivery rates will always stay high. A number of countries around the world legally require that marketers obtain explicit permission from users before sending them any kind of email communication. While email marketers in the US are allowed to send marketing emails to anybody without gaining prior consent, in most other countries, however, regulations are very different. In Canada, Australia, and the European Union, for example, email marketers are legally required to obtain explicit permission from the owner of an email address before sending any communication. As such is important for your business if you have visitors and customers from those countries. 

Can I redirect subscribers to a custom thank you page?

Yes, you can choose a custom thank you page where you want to redirect your users right while creating the form on Gist.

Can I embed a Gist form in an email?

No, it is not possible to embed Gist forms in your emails. Forms are not supported in emails across common email clients due to security risks. Instead, it is best practice to place a call-to-action or a link to landing page with a form in the body of your email.

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