The choice between an AI Answer and a Custom Answer is primarily based on the settings that you've configured.

  • AI Answers: If you have enabled AI Answers in your workspace, then Emma uses AI Answers by default. AI Answers are generated based on a broader set of support content. When Emma encounters a query, it uses its AI capabilities to find the most relevant information from your support content and generates an AI Answer.
  • Custom Answers: If you have created Custom Answers for specific questions, then Emma will prioritize these over AI Answers. Custom Answers are specifically crafted responses that you set for certain queries. When a customer asks a question for which a Custom Answer has been set, Emma will provide that Custom Answer.

If you enable both AI Answers and Custom Answers, Emma will always check for a relevant Custom Answer first before generating an AI Answer. This way, you can provide precise and consistent responses to important or frequently asked questions while also leveraging the power of AI to handle a wider range of queries.