Support Bot Explained

Accurately and immediately answer customer questions with GPT-4-powered bot.

Support Bot is an AI bot powered by GPT-4, OpenAI's most advanced AI model. It's designed to provide fast, reliable, and accurate answers based on your existing support content. No training is necessary - simply integrate it with your Help Center, and you're good to go.

The key features include:

  • Holding complete support conversations
  • Providing accurate answers based on your existing support content
  • Passing more complex questions directly to your human support team
  • Requiring zero training – just point it at your Help Center or other external content and set it live

How does it work?

Support Bot is powered by AI Answers and your own Custom Answers.

AI answers are pulled from your Help Center or external content. With AI Answers, as your support content improves, Support Bot's resolution rates do too.

For even greater control over Support Bot's response, create Custom Answers with follow-up actions and rules to take each customer down the right path. Custom Answers let you build bespoke answers for increased accuracy, consistency, and specificity, especially when you want to include rich media in your responses.

Setting Up Support Bot

Follow these steps to set up and start using Support Bot:

  • Navigate to Settings > Bots > Support bot page.
  • Enable Support Bot.
  • Enable Bot Intro and configure it (optional).
  • Enable Follow-up and configure them (optional).
  • Navigate to Support > Support Bot > AI Answers and set it up.
  • Configure Support Bot to use the content you want it to base its answers on. This can be from your Gist Articles or external content accessed via public URLs.

Routing to Human Support

For complex queries that Support Bot may not be able to handle,  it can route it directly to your human support team. Support Bot collects important customer details and asks necessary clarifying questions before the handover, ensuring a smooth transition and saving your team's time.

Built-in Safeguards

Support Bot includes safeguards to ensure it provides answers based on your specific support content. This improves accuracy and minimizes hallucinations. You can review Support Bot's conversations and responses in your Inbox to maintain oversight.

Reporting and Metrics

To evaluate Support Bot's effectiveness, a performance report is available. This report provides insights into how Support Bot impacts your deflection and resolution rates.

In using Support Bot, you're providing faster and more accurate customer support and ensuring a smooth handover for more complex queries. Regular monitoring and report review will ensure Support Bot continues to meet your customers' needs effectively.

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