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By Jitta Rao

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What is Gist?

Gist is a customer communication and marketing automation platform that helps you grow your business and engage with your customers across their lifecycle. It is a complete marketing and growth stack for your business - with live chat, email marketing, automation, event tracking, knowledge base, meetings and lead gen forms. 

How Gist Works?

Gist is easy to setup, you can simply install Gist using the JavaScript snippet on your website or, you can use our WordPress plugin to install Gist, or install using Google Tag Manager.

What Gist can do for your business?

Gist can be used by anyone, whether you are an individual, a team that runs a small business or even if you have a huge amount of customers to look after. Gist enables businesses to optimize their customers’ experiences by:

  • Finding the right blend of automation and human touch
  • Orchestrating the right actions (whether messaging or otherwise) at the right time
  • Blending customer intelligence and with your business

The core products of Gist are Team Inbox, Outbound Messages, Custom Bots, Knowledge base, Workflows, Forms and Meetings.

You are free to use one or more of these products to grow your business. Each of these products when used correctly, can impact your business positively, but when all products are used in conjunction, they can have a boost your business significantly.

What makes Gist different to other solutions?

Gist replaces 8+ tools for the price of one.

By bringing your company’s communication with your leads and customers in one place, Gist lets your entire team rally around a single app for day to day work.

One tool to learn. One place to check for notifications. No more constant switching between email marketing, social and other chat apps. This allows for a smoother hand off between Marketing, Sales & Services, and a more delightful experience for your customers.

What makes Gist stand out when it comes to other solutions is that we are transparent and we don't charge separately for each feature as GIST is a complete growth hub for your business. We even offer a free plan to our users that allows you to enjoy the basic features like Live Chat, Mobile Apps, Profiles and Meetings, and Forms among other features.

Key Terms and Definitions

Click on the link below and you'll see a quick summary of some important terms and words that you'll find in Gist.

Key Terms and Definitions

Need Help?

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