How do I add my partner code to Gist?

A partner code is a unique code assigned to you after joining the Affiliate Partner program. It is used to track your referral submissions to ensure you get credit for all successful referrals.

If you are already a Gist user, you can update the “Powered by” branding with your own affiliate link and get credit for any referrals!

Also, if you haven't already created a partner account, sign up now.

Here are the simple steps where to find your partner code and how to add it to Gist.

Step 1: Sign in to your Partner account. 

You will see the referral link that you can share with your friends and followers from the home page/dashboard section.

You can also click on 'customize link' and personalize your partner code.

Step 2: Add your partner code

Log in to your Gist account and navigate to Settings > General > General Settings

Copy your referral ID/partner code and paste it to the referral code section in Gist. Click the "Save button. 

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