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Here are answers to some of the most common questions about Gist's event tracking platform.

What is Gist's Event Tracking tool?

Gist's event tracking tool allows you to create profiles for your registered users. It's fully integrated with all the other Gist products - live chat, email marketing, and automation. The event tracking tool can be accessed in the 'People' tab, and provides a single place to store all your customer properties.

Your visitors, and customers. All their actions. Together in one place. Available to search and filter query and search instantly. That’s Gist's

Who is an anonymous user?

Users who are yet to sign up but still browser your site or app are known as anonymous users. Gist tracks every behaviour on your website, even that of anonymous users. Once a user signs up or provides you their email address, then Gist attaches it to their existing anonymous user profile, so you won't be losing any data prior to the user signing up on your site.

This is very useful to understand the kind of journey people make before deciding to sign up for your website. All anonymous visitor properties and data are stored for 30 days starting from the day the user first visits your website, 

If an anonymous visitor eventually registers for your site/service and logs-in, they will be 'identified' and a new user profile will be created for them. All of their previous session history and conversation history will be stitched together into their new profile.

What is a profile?

A profile of a user is a document of the user's details, properties, session history, behaviour, and all the conversations they have with your team. Gist automatically creates a profile whenever a new visitor visits your site. 

How is a session defined?

Gist automatically increments a user’s session count when:

1. The user becomes inactive for at least 30 minutes and then returns. Each time this happens, Gist counts it as one session.

2. The user has been active for more than 24 hours. If a user is continuously active for 24 hours straight (not being inactive more than 30 minutes at a time) then the 24-hour stint is considered as a single session by Gist.

Visits by anonymous visitors are treated similarly, and each time a visitor does either of these two actions, then Gist increases the number of visits by 1.

How does Gist track first and last name of my users?

Gist automatically splits any given name attribute into first name and last name.

The first word in a name is treated as the first name, and the rest of the name as the last name.

Because you often use only first names when communicating with your customers, be it through the live-chat messenger or through email, Gist stresses on the importance of the first name of the user.

For example:

  • If the user’s name is "John Doe", then Gist tracks it as First name: "John", Last name: "Doe".
  • If the user’s name is "Johannes Sebastien Doe”, Gist tracks it as First name: "Johannes" Last name: "Sebastien Doe"
  • If the user’s name is "Dr. John Doe", Gist tracks it as First name: "John" Last name: "Doe"

Important: If a user hasn't provided a name, Gist simply identifies their name as ‘Site Visitor’, even if the user is no more a visitor but has become a lead . 

What happens when I exceed the user profile limit on my plan?

If you exceed the total number of user profiles allowed as per your plan, then you will be automatically upgraded to the next plan and will be charged accordingly from the next billing period. 

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