The Workflows Webinar


By Jitta Rao

updated over 1 year ago

Welcome to the Webinar Replay. This half hour training serves as a great starting point for using Workflows inside your Gist account. 

I encourage you to watch the entire presentation. 

On the video player you have speed controls. Click on the gear icon in the bottom right of the video player. This allow you to increase the playback speed. 

And below you have timestamps in case you want to skip around.


The Webinar Breakdown

Overview: 0:20

Part #1: 5:15 How to Navigate the Visual Builder

Part #2: 10:09 The Structure of a Workflow

Demo #1 11:48

Part #3: 18:06 How to Trigger Your Workflow

Part #4: 28:06 The Building Blocks of Your Workflow

Demo #2: 31:00

Workflow Templates:

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