Stripe Integration

Connecting Stripe to Gist.

Now you can connect your Stripe account to your Gist account. This means that all important purchase data and customer buying data from your Stripe account can be used to make your marketing more effective.

  • Gist will import your Stripe users and instantly create properties from Stripe data (like their price plan, monthly balance and more). 
  • Gist also syncs user data to your account whenever someone makes a payment through Stripe. 
  • Gist will continuously pull in user and live sales data like your users’ plan and account balance.
  • Gist will update existing users with your Stripe user data based on the email address. Also, Gist will create a new contact for those Stripe customers that do not have a matching user in Gist. Note: you must be using Stripe’s email field to store email addresses.
  • Gist attempts to get the following set of properties from your Stripe customer base to store as custom data on your Gist users.

1. Navigate to 'Settings', Click on 'Apps', then click on the 'Connect" button.

2. In the Pop-up that displays, sign into the Stripe Account you wish to Connect.

2.1 If you have multiple Stripe Accounts, select the account you wish to connect.

3. Click the "OK" confirmation page.

Once connected, you can "Click" on the Disconnect button to remove the integration at any time.

Once Accounts are Connected you can navigate to the "Contacts" page.

On the right side select the Columns Drop-down box.

Scroll down or search "Stripe" to find relevant Stripe properties you want displayed.

Relevant data will then be displayed to you on your Contacts page. 

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