Integrating Gist with your Shopify store can significantly enhance your marketing strategies by bringing valuable customer profile and order data directly into your Gist workspace. This allows for targeted messaging and more personalized customer experiences. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to seamlessly add the Shopify integration to your Gist workspace. By following these instructions, you will be able to collect email subscribers, sync newsletter or sign-up form subscribers, and enable Gist tracking for customer activities within your Shopify store.


Before beginning the integration process, ensure you have administrative access to both your Gist workspace and Shopify store. This is crucial for performing the necessary actions within each platform.

Step-by-Step Integration Guide

1. Begin by logging into your Gist workspace. Hover over the top-right corner and click on "Apps & Integrations".

2. Within the "Apps & Integrations" section, simply type "Shopify" into the search bar and press enter. Once the Shopify card appears, click on it to proceed.

3. Upon clicking the Shopify card, a modal window will appear. Click "Add store" to move forward with the integration process.

4. You will now be prompted to provide the subdomain of your Shopify store. It is important to adhere to the correct format when entering this information. For instance, if your Shopify store's URL is, only enter mystore in the provided box. This ensures the integration process can accurately identify and connect to your store.

5. After entering your store's subdomain, click "Connect". This action redirects you to your Shopify account, where you may be required to log in if you are not already authenticated.

6. Once inside your Shopify account, you'll be presented with a list of permissions that Gist requires to integrate with your Shopify store. Review these permissions carefully to understand the access being granted. When ready, click on the "Install app" button. This will initiate the data syncing process between Shopify and Gist and subsequently redirect you back to your Gist workspace.

Congratulations, you have successfully integrated Gist with your Shopify store. This integration is a significant step towards leveraging your customer data for targeted messaging and enhanced engagement strategies. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you have established a robust connection that will automatically sync your customer profile and order data from Shopify into Gist.

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