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By Jitta Rao

updated 11 months ago

With Gist Meetings, your prospects can schedule appointments with you faster and can completely avoid the back-and-forth emails. Your schedule will be in constant sync with your Google calendar, so your prospects will always see your most up-to-date availability.

In this article, we’ve given you a quick overview of Gist profiles and meetings and then walk you through how quick you can get started.

Step 1: Complete your profile

Each member of your team gets a unique and dedicated URL with their profile that they can share with your prospects and connect with your leads and customers by providing a direct line to your business.

The profile page provides essential details about your teammates including a short bio, social links, where they live, whether they are online right now etc. This adds a human touch to your business communication and shows to your prospects that someone on your team is available to help them out.

Your profile URL will be accessible from{your_handle

Profile Settings.

1. Turn your profile visibility on/off.

2. Upload a Profile Image.

3. Set your profile URL.

4. Turn your meeting link on/off.

Profile Settings Continued.

1. Choose a display format for your profile page: compact or Full Page.

2. Enter your Profile Details.

3. Enter your Contact Information.

Step 2: Finalize your meeting types

You can allow your prospects to book meetings with you for any duration you choose.

Create Your Meeting Link:

1. Give Your Meeting a name.

2. Create the Slug to the URL

Set Your Meeting Details

1. Edit Your Meeting a name.

2. Edit the Slug to the URL.

3. Set the Duration of the Meeting.

Configure Your Meeting

1. Set a location for the Meeting and write a short Description.

2. Set Reminder emails that will be sent people who schedule a meeting with you.

Set Your Meeting Availability

1. Set Your Time-zone / Select which Days and Hours are open for a meeting / Set specific working days.

2. Set Minimum notice and buffer time settings.

3. Set the Maximum number of meetings that can be scheduled in a day.

Set Form Questions

Create the questions a person must answer to be able to schedule a meeting. 

Step 3: (Optional) Connect your Google calendar

Integrating your Google calendar with Gist meetings will allow your meetings and your calendars to stay in sync. This way, your Gist meetings and your calendar can talk to each other so that if you have created an event in your Google calendar manually or via other tools, your Gist meetings will show you are busy for that time.

Here’s how to integrate with Google calendar: 

  • Go to Profile & Preference, then the Calendar Integration Tab.
  • Click the Connect Calendar button.
  • You will be redirected to Google. Login to the Google account you want to integrate with.
  • Click "Allow" to give the Gist meetings access to your calendar.
  • Select the calendars that will be checked to avoid double bookings.

Now, go ahead and share your profile link and book more meetings and close more deals with less work.

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