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You can use Zapier to integrate Gist with other tools that you're currently using for your business. Using Zapier, you can connect and sync data between Gist and over 750 other apps such as Salesforce, Aweber, Zendesk, Gmail, and social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 

Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can use it to automate events between two or more apps that you use.  A Zap combines a trigger from one product with an action in another — whenever the trigger occurs in one app, Zapier automatically completes the action in another app without you getting involved every time.

You can use Zapier to connect Gist with other popular products and connect events as you like. 

Before you start using Zapier, it is important that you understand the difference between users and leads in Gist.

Following are the triggers supported by Gist:

  • New user - Triggers when a new user is added on Gist so you can add them to your CRM
  • New lead - Triggers when a new lead is created on Gist so you can send them to your sales tool
  • New campaign subscription - Triggers when a subscriber is added to a campaign
  • New subscriber tag - Triggers when a new tag is applied to a subscriber
  • New page visit - Triggers when a user visits a page
  • New custom event - Triggers when a subscriber performs a custom event
  • Remove campaign subscription - Triggers when a subscriber is removed from a campaign
  • Update custom field - Triggers when a subscriber custom field is updated
  • Remove subscriber tag - Triggers when a tag is removed from a subscriber
Following are the actions supported by Gist


  • Subscribe to campaign - Subscribes someone to an email campaign
  • New user - Creates a new user or updates an existing one
    • IMPORTANT: In order to CREATE a new user, both the fields 'User ID' and 'Email' are mandatory. In order to UPDATE a user, it is mandatory to provide either the 'User ID' or the 'Email'.
  • New lead - Creates a new lead or updates an existing one
    • IMPORTANT: In order to CREATE a new lead, the field 'Email' is mandatory. In order to UPDATE a lead, the field 'Email' is mandatory unless an ID is provided.
  • Remove tag from subscriber - Removes a tag from a subscriber
  • Add tag to subscriber - Adds a tag to a subscriber
  • Remove from campaign - Unsubscribes someone from one of their campaign


  • Find a campaign - Finds an existing email campaign
  • Find a user - Finds an existing user
  • Find a lead - Finds an existing lead

Here's a simple three step process to connect Gist to your Zapier account:

1. To connect Gist with Zapier, you’ll need to first login to your Zapier account, and connect your Gist account to use with your Zap. 

2. Next, make sure you’re logged into your Gist account. If not, you can  login now here

3. Finally, click “Connect” to give Zapier permission to access your account. Your Gist account will then be successfully connected.

IMPORTANT: Our Zapier integration is currently 'invite-only' and as such cannot be found in the Zapier App Directory. Please find it by logging in to your Gist account, and clicking on Settings > Integrations.

How to create a zap

If you are new to Zapier and would like to know more about creating your own Zaps, Zapier has an excellent guide for the same. Below are some of the most popular Zaps to give you an idea of how you can integrate Gist with other products you may use.

Creating Gist contacts automatically from Gravity Forms

If you are collecting lead information using Gravity Forms, and would like to use those entries to create Gist contacts, you can use Zapier to do so.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

In Zapier, start by creating a Zap that automatically takes new entries on Gravity Forms and use that data to create contacts in Gist. Read this guide more details about creating a zap.

Next, you'll need to connect your Gravity Forms account. After clicking on "Connect", you'll be asked to enter your login email, login password, and your Gravity Forms account name.

This Zap uses a webhook for an instant connection. So next you’ll need to copy the Zapier URL on this screen and paste it into the Webhook notification setting of your form.

After that, your Zap will be turned on and you'll have the chance to test it out with entries from your Gravity form. From now on, information from new Gravity form entries will end up as contacts in your Gist account.

You can follow a similar process to connect your Gist account with over 750 other web applications using Zapier. To see what other apps you can integrate Gist with, check Zapier's App Directory .

If you have other products or apps you would like to see integrated, let us know here.

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