Important Redesign Limitations

By Jamie Charles

Updated 21 days ago

Gist is currently undergoing a major feature and design upgrade.

We are adding more features, creating a cleaner design and presenting better navigation.

Currently, you have the ability to move between the current "old" design and the new "updated" design.

There are a few things to be aware of when switching between the two and using Gist as we make major updates. 

Here's a list of major changes/current limitations to be aware of in the redesign.

  1. Segments created in the New UI can’t be edited in the Old UI.
  2. You cannot move between projects in the New UI. You will need to switch back to the Old UI to move between projects.
  3. With Snoozed conversations going live, existing conversations in pending status have been snoozed until 7 days automatically.
  4. If a conversation has moved to pending from the Old UI, it will be set to snooze till 1 year by default.
  5. You cannot create saved replies in the New UI.

If at any time you run into an issue, please start a chat with us by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right of this page and we will be happy to help!

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