How does Gist compare with ConvertKit?

By Jitta

Updated 3 months ago

Gist is not just a ConvertKit alternative, but a major upgrade over ConvertKit.  Here's a simple comparison between Gist and ConvertKit, including the differences in features, experience, and pricing.

1. Gist lets you talk to your customers live

Your customers are on your website right now and they want to talk to you. Gist lets you and your entire team talk to visitors and customers in real-time, answer their questions, send them targeted discount offers, and convert them into subscribers and paying customers.

There's no way ConvertKit can help you with that. You will have to invest in a separate live-chat software. On the other hand, Gist gives you everything on one platform, including live-chat, and integrates live chat and email marketing together so your messages will be consistent and your user experience uniform.

2. Gist auto-tracks every user action

Understanding user actions helps you build better content, better products, and better businesses. ConvertKit does not track events at all, and it would require you to set up a third party event tracking tool and integrate it with ConvertKit in order to understand how your users behave. You will then have to import this data into ConvertKit every time in order to create email campaigns. Without this cumbersome effort, it is not possible to know what actions your users are taking on your website or app and send them relevant and personalized messages.

On the other hand, Gist tracks every user action automatically, from day one, even if you do not define any events manually. If you forget to define an important event, you can still get all retroactive data from day one, just by defining the event now. Gist does all of this without the need to touch any code. You can use the Gist Event Visualizer tool and define conversion events by performing the action yourself. Gist takes care of the rest.

3. Gist lets you try Premium features for free

We understand how important it is to try before you buy. That is why you can try all of the features and tools on the Gist's Pro plan, free of cost for 21 days. We want you to make informed decisions about the tools that you want to  use,  and believe in showing value before charging money.

ConvertKit does not have a free trial, so there's no way for you to know if their features actually benefit you, unless you pay upfront. This is a problem if you're a small business or a blogger looking to understand how a tool helps your marketing efforts. 

Gist is more affordable than ConvertKit

Unlike ConvertKit, our pricing is very straightforward. We do not charge you separately for every tool that you use. Your subscription to Gist gives you access to all our tools, at a very affordable price. We believe that small business software should be affordable for small businesses. 

Here’s a Gist vs. ConvertKit monthly pricing comparison chart for ConvpertKit's ricing plan for all its products, against Gist's 'Pro' plan, which gives you access to all the tools that you need.

Number of SubscribersConvertKit PricingGist Pricing

Gist is more affordable that ConvertKit no matter how many subscribers you may have. 

Unlike ConvertKit, Gist has a 'Free Forever' plan, where you get all tools for free as long as you have less than 1000 subscribers.

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