It is possible that some of your contacts are using some kind of ad-blockers or any other browser extensions to block JavaScript on your website.

While Gist doesn’t provide ads, most ad-blockers (like Adblock, uBlock, Ghostery, etc.) automatically block any JavaScript on a website, and this includes the tracking functionality that Gist has.

The JS snippet code that you pasted in your website code does not run anymore due to the ad-blocker software acting as an obstruction, and as a consequence, Gist cannot track contact data.

While we at Gist respect customer privacy and individual choices of people who want to disable any tracking software, you can certainly request your customers to manually disable the ad-blockers, or at least create an exception for your site by adding your website to the ad-blocker's white list.

This would re-enable Gist to track contact data and you will be able to view contact properties for everyone in your database.

If you believe you're unable to view or access contact details in Gist for any other reason, reach out to us and we’ll look into it.

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